5 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Cebu VS Bulacan

  1. I wonder why Nicole Tuazon didn’t get through.

    I hear some comments that the handler Jonas Borces wasn’t able to get his powers effective just as he did in her Miss Mandaue alleged cooking-show. Haha. Better for Herlie, she succesfully went in.

    In the future, I would be hoping for Kris Janson, Maria Gigante, Steffi Aberasturi, or Daisy Lopez to join.

      • For the record, Nicole Tuazon backed out right before the proclamation of the official candidates (she was a shoe-in already as one of the fifty hopefuls) much to the disappointment (to say the least) of Jonas Borces.

  2. Angeli Gomez has the sweetest face among this batch.
    While Respicio has a long legged leg and a long necked neck.
    Melanie Marquez, 69, Tutuban, Philippines!

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