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  1. Ria Rabajante really knows how to shine amidst a sea of beauties. Even if she only has minimal makeup on. Her personality is just so striking, attention grabbing, sooooooo mysterious and you just can’t help but glue your eyes on her. Take a look at this video. http://vimeo.com/28183189

  2. Ria is so overrated. She is strikingly beautiful but it’s mostly just because of make up. She will not stand out at Ms. U unless of course she has an awesome personality. She just doesn’t look fresh. Pretty but tiring to look at. Like a glass of full bodied red wine…. good to get drunk on but not to quench your thirst.

    • “…Like a glass of full bodied red wine…. good to get drunk on but not to quench your thirst.

      I love this description, Venus. 😉

      • She is beautiful. No doubt about that but there is a slightly sinister look about her. Contrabida effect. She could counteract this with a bubbly presentation.
        I just feel that Elima and Biquid are the strongest Ms U bets. One a classic Pinay beauty and the other a young lass, so fresh, so raw, you can’t help but want to get to know her. Both have that magnetism.

  3. Norm ? from this five and based on BB 50 announcement batch #1, Ria tops the other 4. She glides when she walks, she’s striking, classy, elegant and has lots of poise. But I can’t help gazing at Anna Buquid’s looooooooong legs… whoa ! those leyyyyygs !. It would be nice to see a side by side video of Anna B. and Ria working the ramp in bathing suit and long gown. Cant wait for April 14.

  4. Hi Norm, Bb #2 Bianzon being a philippine army reservist, you think it will give her an advantage ? I think there is a Miss Universe that’s an air force pilot, not sure what country.

    • It could, but it could also be just a description that’s more nominal than continuously updated/utilized. Israel always has beauty delegates who trained in the army.

      • Israel is the only country in the world with MANDATORY military service required of its citizens as soon as they turn 18 — both men AND women — hence, all Miss Israel candidates must have served in the military. Men are required to serve 3 years, while women are required to serve for only 2.

  5. Glenn, But look at Miss USA’s face… you can’t critique that. Let’s all hope for the best for these lovely binibinis. Maybe……only maybe. 5’6 or 5’7 I don’t think so. Let’s keep our fingers cross!!!

    • Frei: I’m American and I’m proud of our Olivia. But to each his own. Beauty is diverse, white, brown, black, tall, short, etc. That’s what makes it great and that’s what got me started watching international beauty pageants in the first place — you get to see so many different girls from different countries, each with her own look and beauty.

      • Glenn, quit taking Frei’s bait. It’ll only make you crazy…

      • Wake up everyone!!!! Smell the coffee please. stop dreaming! No heights, No face…..equals NO MU13!

      • Episode #1; “Frei; Ang Bitch na Butanding sa Sabah Beach”

        Naligaw si Frei sa Sabah Beach suot ang one of a kind na gown ni Olivia Culto, sa sobrang haba ng gown ay nadapa si Frei, nasadlak ang kanyang pukengkang sa buhanginan.
        Pagtayo nya ay nagtataka sya kung bakit may mga gumagalaw sa loob ng kanyang pussy pukengkang,nagustuhan nya ang mga gumagalaw na bagay,sadyang may pagka itchyworm ang ating bidang butanding.
        Sa nag-uumapaw na sarap na kanyang nararamdaman ay na-curious ang hitad kung ano ba ang mga bagay na pumasok sa kanyang pukengkang…..at alam nyo ba kung ano?
        Ito ang mga bagong pisang pawikan na galing sa buhanginan, napagkamalan nilang isang maluwag at masukal na kweba ang pukengkang ni frei.
        nanahan ang mga pawikan sa pukengkang ni frei,hindi natin masasabi kung ilang araw,buwan o dekada ang bibilangin sa pagtira ng mga pawikan sa masukal na pukengkang ng bitch na butanding.
        sa tuwing gumagalaw ang mga pawikan ay napapasayaw ng Harlem Shake ang hitad na si Frei, dahilan upang manalo sya ng Best in Talent sasinalihan nyang Bitch Festival.
        Sa pagsasayaw ni Frei ng Harlem ay nadapa na naman sya, at sa kanyang matagumpay na pagbangon ay kanyang nakita si Mary Walter, sinampal,sinuntok,binalya at kinurot sa mata ni Mary si Frei.Ang mga pawikan pala ay ilang dekadang binantayan ni Mary Walter upang mapisa,just to be trapped sa pukengkang ni Frei.
        At dahil sa updated na twitter account ni Mary ay to the rescue ang mga friendships ni Mary na sila Mon Tulfo,Raymart at Claudine.
        Sa lakas ng pwersa ng apat ay nagwakas ang buhay ng butanding na si frei,at dito na rin nagtapos ang ang ating teleserye.
        Episode1; pilot airiong and ending.
        I thank u.

        Direk Basil Valdez.

      • Book 2; Episode 10069

        Sa paglalakad ng kaluluwa ng makireng butanding sa masukal, maalon maalikabok,nakakasulasok at karimarimarim na Sabah Beach ay kanyang nakasalubong ang napakaganda at alsadong mukha ni Jinkee Paquiao.
        Lubhang maawain ang may bahay ni Manilyn Paquiao. Hindi sya nandiri sa mala-putok na mukha ni frei.
        Bagkus, kanya itong tinanong, teh, san ka nagpa-botox?
        Sa kabila ng dinanas ng butanding sa kamay nina claudine barreto, na unfortunately ay hindi nakunan ng video, ay mataas pa rin ang kanyang kumpyansya sa sarili, kumbaga ay feeling nya ay sya si Miss Venezuela na laging pasook sa semi kahit sing luwang na ng Malinta Tunnel ang kanyang pukengkang.
        Sumagot ang butanding, nagpabotox ako sa Bahamas, sa isang clinic sa mamahaling 7star hotel.
        Gustong mapataas ng kilay ni Jinkee Doo,ngunit sa sangdamakmak na botok na nagdomitoryo na sa pagmumukha ni Jinkee ay hindi na ring makuhang tumaas ng kanyang kilay.
        Sa Bahamas? wehhhhhhhhhhhh.
        Frei answered with conviction, yes bahamas indeed, this is the trend, hindi na uso ang maganda, the more imperfectipns, the more u r in,because at least I can surprise all of u when I transformed 360*.
        Nawindang si Jinkee, nag-internal hemmorhage sa narinig na tinuran ng zombutanding. Walang nagawa nag Jinkee kundi sumakay sa kanyang yacht at illolipop na lang ang wrinkled pototoy ni Manilyn Pacquiao.
        Sa katangahan ni Frei ay naglakad sya ng ilang milya, not knowing na may MRT na pala sa masukal na dagat, nanghinayang sya pero wala na syang magawa dahil nakarating na sya sa kanyang destinasyon……………………nasa jollibee na sya!!!!!!!!!!!!!, umorder sya ng chickenjoy.
        Wala syang maupuan kya naki-share sya ng seat..pagharap ng guy ay nagulat ang makireng bidang butanding…….si Budoy……
        Tumayo si Budoy at nagtatalon……..Jacky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Napagkamalan ni Budoy na si Jacky ang makireng si Frei,wala na ng nagawa si Frei kundi ang magpanggap na si Jacky dahil naipasok na ni Budoy ang kanyang dalawang kamay sa poukengkang ni Frei, habang pumapalakpak.
        Nagsisigaw si Budoy.. andun pa pala sa pukengkang ni frei ang mga pawikan,kinagat si Budoy.
        Umiiyak si Budoy na nagsusumbong sa kanyang Mommy Janice.
        Hinarap ni Janice ang zombutanding,sabay sabing, naliliitan ka ba sa leeg ko?
        Napatingin si Frei sa leeg ni Janice at nakita ang mga guhit na tila ba morcon na tinalian.
        Sumugod si Janice kay Frei at inipit ni Janice sa kanyang leeg ang mukha ni Frei………..hindi nakahinga si Frei,matapos ang ilang minuto ay namatay na ang kaluluwa ng butanding.
        Masayang masaya si Budoy kaya naman di na naman napiligan ang kanyang damdamin at naipasok na naman nya ang kanyang dalawang kamay at paa sa pukengkang ni Janice habang nagsasayaw ng gangnam.
        Naligayahan si janice at sa paglabas ng malagkit na si Budoy sa pukengkang ni janice ay di nila napigilan na magkatitigan, nagpropose si Janice kay Budoy,ang sabi ni Budoy ay pag-iisipan ko muna, saby bawi ni budoy, ay wala nga pala akong isip,,,,sige na nga.
        at hayun ,kinasal sila sa Barasoain Church.
        Nmauhay sila ng masaya at tuwing matutulog si Budoy ay kanyang unan ang leeg ni Janice.

        Directed by:
        Basil Valdez.

  6. sorry Philippines! Out of 50 candidates, They all look mediocre! two stands out, but the are considered little people. So sorry again.

    • Don’t be sorry, we’ll be just fine. I think we have a very high caliber bunch. Of course I remember people like you making similar comments about Venus, Shamcey, Janine, Miriam, Precious, Margie, Gloria, Lalaine, and Gemma. Comments like yours and people like you have a history with us and the only thing we can do is either place high or win to prove our point again, and again, and again. So try to make us feel bad, it’s okay. We Filipinos have a way of surviving and getting stronger with each new wave of attacks. You see, we believe in each other and we support each other and sometimes, that is all that is needed to inspire that desire in us to reach the top. Again, don’t be sorry, WE’LL BE JUST FINE!

    • Frei: LOL! “little people”?? Last time I checked, all 50 candidates are taller than the reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

      • Miss USA can still win the crown even if she is an amputee. Look at the face!!!! compare to these “lovely” binibini of yours. checking out nonsense talking to some of you. Brain wanted pls.

    • Sharon – you are probably much shorter than the smallest member of your so called candidates. That is why you are feeling very upset of my opinion. so sorry to hurt your feelings honey, but this is we called reality……….prayers to you!

  7. Pls kindly erase the first message that i sent coz my name was written there . She called me by my name . Thanks & pls don’t post this one

  8. Text to me by RHEA NAKPIL: went out waited wala ka ikaw bluffer b***h.. duwag!! san na yung power mo? labas mo na.. matanda ka na kasi.. try mong kumuha kaage mo.. ingat ka baka agawin ko ulit yang bata mo.. magpakamatay ka na naman..Atleast boys go crazt for me not the other way around.. Hahaha! Don’t wait for me outside swear.. Tell me where and what time.. P******na been waiting for this my whole life.. Let’s get it on..
    Txt me now don’t bluff on me ng magkaalaman na.. P******a kang matanda ka.. Kala mo kung sino kang mayaman at maganda.. Your not even powerful.. Asan na? Show me what you got..!!! I’m daring you..!!!
    san ka? went to the parking duwag ka pala eh wag ka magangas sa teritoryo ko b***h! dont f****ng dare me baka mamatay ka bukas
    i dare you go to opus or republiq meet me then lets see what you got i challenge your power.. come on loser!! — i still have this text messages of her on my iphone. She saw me &
    My bf outside republic and called me bitch while we were about to go down to the elevator. — hi rhea I’m sure u know who i am. I have proof that all these messages came from you . This happened July 29, 2012 .2:30 am till 3:18 am — I begged her so many times to leave my bf alone but she seems to be happy torturing women and destroying a relationships . From RHEA NAKPIL :bitbit ko bodyguards and security kasi baka mapatay kita hindi ka naman kakulangan sa mundo.. talaga? i wont argue with you over ur bf this is you b****ing out with me.. swear!! lamunin mo ng buo yang jowa mo..
    lets face it i got everything and you dont im yound wild and free your not.. your old.. ugly and helpless.. accept it!! thats how it goes.. accept it and live happily.. i have my whole future ahead of me you dont got it.. so beat the hell out of me.. you won i won got it.. but still you lost the greatest game.. tell ur bf i said hi.. — I don’t understand why she became a candidate in bbp . You have to dig deeply in her past.

    Pls post this one not the first one bec I don’t want my name to be mentioned . But I can prove all this text messages came from her RHEA NAKPIL

    • Rhea Nakpil is free to air her side.
      We wanna hear the both sides.
      So Rhea, lumabas ka na! Napapligiran ka namin!
      Ang pera ni Patricia Coleen ay hidi basta basta mauubos, pero ang pasensya nya ay konting konti na lang!

      • I love this Basil……. Is this another “Teleserye sa Norman’s Blog”…… Wow basil nakakaloka!!!!……. Only in Norman’s Blog that this happens!!!! Good or bad publicity is still a publicity….. So Rhea Nakpil….. Napansin din kitaaaaaaa LOL

  9. Norman — Such beautiful faces with Ria leading this first group. I assume by their number assignments that these candidates belong to the 5’6″ to 5’7″ height category. Are these the official BPCI head shots? If these are, they’re an improvement over last year’s.

    • Not yet, Glenn. These are just pre-official headshots. Makes you more excited with what’s coming up. I hope the official ones won’t disappoint. 😉

    • Mars Sharon,
      Parang mas maganda kung “Apoy Sa Dagat” ang peg ng love story nila.
      Glenn;Liza Lorena
      Chrome: Perla Bautista
      Bwahahaha, puro babae at walang leading man.
      Tapos iikot ang istorya sa paghahanap ni Rebecca sa Bakal na Krus, pero syempre si Liza Lorena ang makakakita ng Bakal na Krus( sa laki ng mata ni Liza ay imposibleng hindi sya ang makahanap.
      At sa ending ay makakatuluyan ni Perla si Piolo at kukulutin ni Piolo si Perla sa gitna ng dagat, at mag-uumapaw ang pagmamahal.
      At habang binabanlawan ni Piolo ang kulot ng buhok ni Perla ay lilitaw ang nawawalang si Eliza, “Nasaan Ka Eliza”, at sino si Eliza, ikaw yun Sharon, ikaw ang itinakda,ikaw ang Tagabantay.
      Oh diba, aso alang ang peg,Tagabantay.

    • Episode#69;
      Lalangoy si Piola sa maalong dagat wearing a two-piece swimsuit sponsored by Jaquelyn Jose.
      At syempre sumisigaw si Jaquelyn Jose in a monotonous voice, “Langoy, Langoy, Langoy, may sunog sa dagat”.
      Makakaligtas si Piola sa sunog dahil butterfly stroke ang ginamit ng lola mo.
      Sa dulo ng pampang ay makikita ni Piola si Diether, mabibighani si Piola sa kuyokot ng pwet ni Diether, sabay abot ni Diet ng Sprite kay Piola.
      Ang hindi alam ni Piola ay nasa Parola pala si KC Concepcion habang naka-telescope at vinivideo ang pagtitig ni Piola sa kuyukot ni Diet.
      Sa sobrang inis ni KC ay nagsumbong sya kay Mama Shawie, to the rescue ang Shawie, sabay bigay kay KC ng selecta, mcdo fries at pigrolac galing sa mga sponsors ni Mama Shawie.
      At para matigil ang pag-iyak ni KC ay tatawagan ni Mama Shawie si Rico Blanco………….

      abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

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