18 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Preparing for their first official photoshoot

  1. who ever wins she deserve it.. but representing our city?! wow Iligan City, Lanao del norte

  2. Leona Santicruz – in this picture, she looks too boyish. Not an expert on aesthetics but I’m thinking a little shaping/thinning of her eyebrows (bottom side of brow) would make her look less brooding and more feminine. That and get rid of the comb-over-style hair and part it in the middle, wavy like Irene Isser.

    • Sorry I meant Anna Buquid, She doesnt look good in this pic. But her pic in your earlier post of her in bathing suit with number 28 on her is great!!!

  3. Hi Norman, I’ve been doing some internet research on RIA RABAJANTE and most of the pics published (a good 90% coz I counted), she does not smile at all. I’m still a fan but I don’t want to think otherwise specially that I am rooting for her to get MUP crown which the MUO lately gears toward to the smiley and bubbly crown bearer.

    • while people claim that she looks like miriam, for me she’s a bit of a downgrade. Her facial bone structure from nose down takes a toll on her otherwise confident and carefree smile…and so on her chances of winning a crown.

  4. I have noticed that also that Pia’s glutes seems fake..Have u seen vice ganda’s glutes? lol..At first she’s my bet and now I’m torn bet Hannah, Elima, Ara and Ria.

  5. Elima is like a living Barbie Doll.
    I just hope that she has the eloquence to make her a complete package.
    Her skin complexion is so striking.
    I can smell a Miss Universe crown.
    Elima is the vintage bomb of this batch.
    But we should’nt disregard Parul Shah, I can see Venus in her.
    She’s the major major darkhorse that will surprise us come the pageant night.

  6. This Parul Sha (i dont mean “she’s a lantern’) her eyes smile in most of her photos, it’s refreshing.

  7. Oh no! Everyone is becoming dull and drab now..Perk up ladies! Except you Charmaine, Ara, Mariel and Angel May and the rest?…yawn…

  8. I’m Pia’s fan…i used to be torn between her and elima, but her whole body pics give me this feeling that her glutes are fake. Fake or not, i think her body’s gonna pull her scores down come pageant night…

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