16 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Finals Night: Mark the date…April 14, 2013

  1. Keep posting guys…especially if the tickets will available…I vote for my 3 ka abayas go go go..number 11,38,39…pride of province of isabela ..yehey,good luck.

  2. where is the venue of the pageant?,,,and where can we get a ticket and how much will it cost me?

  3. It’s an evening the pageant world will be watching. If this is indeed Madame Stella’s last year with the MU Organiztion, then she’ll want to go out with a bang. You know that she will carefully pick the winner of BbPU. She wants that MU crown and if indeed The Philippines is fortunate enough to (finally) get the MU crown again, then Madame Stella goes out on a very high note and makes her (and The Philipines’) mark on the pageant world. For all the negativity that, at times, has been directed at Madame Stella (esp. when it comes to choices in MU evening gowns), kudos must be given to her for all the years she has been at the helm. These last three years brings her (and the country) back to the glory days. For her sake and for the sake of the country I truly hope that this year is The Philippines best ever in the international beauty pageant scene. It truly would be a just reward for Madame Stella’s work and for the country’s ever devote support of it’s beauty queens.

    I have my favorites but will wait until I hear them speak, watch how they present themselves over the next few weeks, and most importantly, how they are on the night of the crowning(s). We all know that it’s anyone’s game on crowing night. We’ve all seen someone come out of nowhere on crowning night and take all the glory. Will that happen again? Don’t know, but it’s what makes watching pageant night ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Mabuhay Philippines!!!

    • Crowing night? Sorry, meant to type crowNing night. Who knows, depending on the winner, it just be a night to crow! 🙂

  4. yey! i arrive in manila from los angeles april 13th. hopefully my bekis could join me

  5. oh. Finally! This isit. I marked a big red for that day on my calendar. As i scrutinize every angle of candidates’ pics, my vote goes to Ria Rabajante. Thanks for the info Norman…

  6. Great news Norman!!!…… I live here in Los Angeles, California….. Will it be televise via The Filipino Channel here in U.S.A.?
    I better arrange my schedule and be off on that day April 14!!!

    • Sharon, I’m not sure if it will be telecast simultaneously or with a slightly delayed airtime, but it will surely be seen via TFC on roughly the same date. 😉

      • Ninang, are you watching it live on Apr.14?
        How about last year,were you on the venue?
        And with regards to Miss Universe, were you in Thailand during the 2005 MU edition?
        How about MU1994?

      • Wow, daming Qs! I might be watching live on 4/14. I watched MU94 live courtesy of my uncle who worked with Manila Hotel then. MU2005? No, I didn’t watch. Last year, no as well. 😉

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