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  1. Yes Sharon….. There are 2 ate Shawie’s here…… I’m Sharon P.B…… And it shows my 2 initials too when I’m submitting my blog…… Don’t get me wrong Sharon, I myself laughs and enjoying your inputs…… All I can say…..” The more “SHARONS”….. the MERRIER!!!…… have a great week my co Shawie, hugs and kisses from Los Angeles, California…… Peace

  2. Kuyang, where did Madame Stelalu study Culinary Arts?
    Is her recipe ready for the pageant night?
    I want Kare-kare and pinapaitang kambing!

  3. Out of these four, Ria R. is making the loudest noise in a positive way. While MGM (Maria Gloria Mustonen), has been receiving the most attacks and semi harsh critics from the pageant fans. On the other hand, PQ (Pauline Quintas), is on the safe side while Bence B. still needs to stir up to make a buzz. Overall, I like these four uniquely different ladies. Good luck to this new camp. It’s quality over quantity.

  4. I bet, either Ria or MSG will be on TOP 5…all of these girls are “kabogera” and different styles. Have you noticed?

      • Let’s not waste Norm , some of them can be a hair model, profile model, nail model, back model, eyes model, nose model and lots more. And some of them can be ……….. uhm ….. uhm …… oh shoot ! you’re right Norm , they will be wasted.

      • Carlene Aguilar was Ms. Philippines Earth 2001, then joined BBP 2005 and was crowned Bb. Pilipinas World. She’s one of the best examples of a winner winning again the next time around. But as far as BbP losers who won their next pageant, there’s Queenie Rehman who lost during 2011, then went on to be crowned Miss World Philippines 2012. Prior to her was Gwen Ruais who did not win BbP in 2010, but became Miss World Philippines 2011 and eventually Miss World 2011 First Princess. 😉

  5. il decide on my faves on the evening of the pageant itself when i start to see them in swimsuit, long gown and finally when they open their mouth and speak some sense! for now, every one has chance!

  6. Just a curious question Mamang, why is it that Shamcey,Venus and JT are part of the screening committee?
    We all know that they are from Aces and Queens, though they may say that they are judging fairly,eyebrows of the other camps and indie candidates can’t be stopped from raising.

    • Perhaps, Basil, it’s more of giving them due importance as the three-peat ladies of the Philippines in Miss Universe (aside from being BPCI titleholders). Their affiliation with Aces & Queens cannot be helped. It’s already a given even before they individually won and gave the country honors in MU. And I would like to think that the other camps have a lot of respect for this trio. Besides, there are 50 slots filled up this year, so there’s much to share in terms of getting in. 😉

      • Sharon, I was referring to your reply where you sounded unbelieving that special treatments to preferred candidates happen in local and international pageants. They do happen. And their interviews and exposures are definitely longer. Much like the so-called halo effect. 😉

  7. Just to appease myself , I put some of my top 15 pics side-by-side. i did do a quick look of all the pics to the left and to right and to the left again and to the right again and I am drawn back to Charmaine over and over again. I just go by the very simple rule “STAND OUT”.

    And i played further. Putting some of my top 15 pics side-by-side with the international power house pics of 2013 MU Venezuela and MU Puerto Rico and they all blend but Charmaine’s. And to be fair i did not experiment with Anna B’s pics because i dont have a glam shot of her.

    Norm ? just for fun , can you put together something like this ? You got the knack of making a collage, but it’s all good if you cant, I know it’s time consuming. Just to settle this bad and good Gollum in me …. precious !!!!!!!

  8. well RL was also the man behind Patricia Lae ejercitado last year as far as I know. So, I guess this is his 2nd year. And I see that he is hungry to get one of the crowns!

    • If that’s the case, then he was an independent scout (just like Jontie Martinez) last year, and this is his first year as a team beauty scout. 😉

  9. Honestly, all of them are stunning! But if I will rank them:

    By the way, I think that’s a picture of Karina Cabiling and not Pauline Quintas. 🙂

  10. Do you know if Gloria is an international model Sharon ? her pic here really discombobulated my early choices. Daaang you Norm ! Daaang you for showing her pic. You are a tease Norm !!! 🙂

    • All I know Chrome is Yes!!!….. She is a print ad model and she is from Cainta, Rizal She is not new in the pageant scene, joins multitude of backyard beauty contests in Rizal, Quezon city, and Metro Manila, with regards to her race, I am not sure if she’s half Dutch or half German……. She is very Photogenic and has the XYZ FACTOR!!!!…..

      • Holy macaroni Sharon I just looked at her pic again and it screamed not just XYZ factor but the entire alphabet FACTOR with a Z formation snap .. 🙂

    • Chrome, backtrack to my earlier post about the announcement of candidates with pics of all the ladies last Feb. 22. You can see her pic there (Sofia) on the fourth 3×3 grid bottom row first from left. 🙂

      • Thanks Norm, saw it. 😉 she looks so much a different eve on the above pic and one hell of a pic,oustanding photo .

      • Norm, with my top 15 already made up in my mind, i dont wanna look at anymore candid pics, or else i will be changing my top 15 over and over again. I think you know me by now, i am a spotter for a stand out …i am on the fence when it comes to a philosophy “i will grow on them and they will notice me soon” and hoping that it will be a 12month competition…. i am a sucker for “stand outs” … kolet ko no Norm ? 😉

      • That’s perfectly fine, Chrome! I’m just here to goad you into episodes of beautiful confusion from time to time. 😉

  11. Yes Norman…… BRING IT ON!!!!….. THE MORE, THE MERRIER!!!!……Norman, I agree with Chrome, this MARIA SOFIA GLORIA MUSTONEN keeps catching my attention…. I strongly feel and think that MUSTONEN will surprise all of us come April 14…… She is Gorgeous, Mysterious, and YES….. SHE DOES STANDS OUT!!!…… The dark horse for this year’s Bb. Pilipinas 2013!!!…….

    • That’s right Sharon no matter how big Ria’s pic is Gloria’s pic leapt out of the frame and just jumped right on my face.

      • You know what Chrome….. I’m beginning to Like This MSG Mustonen!….. I thought I’m the only one who notices her, but thank you cause you did Open my Senses….. One thing I learned from your opinion is ” Stand’s Out”, who stands out and carry the mystery well which is equated to business!!!…… Yes Chrome MSG Mustonen is a KABOGERA, a Stand out, with the “it” Girl XYZ FACTOR, and I’m sure we will discover more candidates who exudes “the girl” to beat, before April 14 comes!!!…….

      • Yesireeeee Sharon. i am liking her now too. To me she stands out on this pic. And you’re right this is also business. MU Org wouldnt put a face on a magazine that will not sell …. cant wait for more current pics from these Eves.

  12. Norm ? Seriously ? You have to do this ? you hafta make it harder for me ? Oh Mylanta I have never seen that Gloria girl before. Is she really that gorgeous in person ? That pic is amaaazing grace !! That separation of the eyes is a top notch world class model quality. is she an international model ?

    • Totally agree with you Chrome!!! Maria Sofia Gloria or MSG ( hahaha initials you’ll never forget)…… Is a candidate that I don’t see write ups and review about her….. She captures my attention from the photos I’ve seen…… As what Vice Ganda says ” KABOGERA KARAKARAKA “!!!!!! ……. LOL

      • jajajaja that MSG is cute. I cant pathom why such gorgeous Eve no one would write reviews about her. that is insulting, that is an outrage !!! 🙂

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