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  1. It’s really difficult to pick or even predict a winner basing on photos alone. More than half of these photos (studio shots) are great but when you click on their other photos they don’t look that great. My current fave right now is Ria & Charmaine but I also saw pix of them that are not really that good… so

  2. I agree with Ria & Charmaine.. Both can go to Miss Universe or Miss International… I hope they will send one for Miss Supranational this year too.

  3. i think that one of the things that they are looking ( i don’t know the corrrect term) was ethnicity
    when joining the MU pageant. notice our neighbors esp. thailand and malaysia- keep on sending half breed delegates just for them to be noticed but whats happening is the other way around. when venus raj made it in the pageant last 2010, (although we know that she’s half jordanian) but the latter resembles ASEAN-atic looks and filipina charm making her the most favorite
    asean delegate.
    -shamcey supsup, if you’re able to read some comments on youtube, she’s always being praised because the architect resembles the latina side of being a filipina.
    and for my kababayan janine tugonon from orion, bataan sparkled because of her native look.
    that was just my opinion. πŸ™‚
    for me its miss ria for miss universe philippines

  4. I don’tthink ria will stand a chance in the international arena. She does look like miriam quiambao but she does not possess the long lean body and the elegance of miriam. And besides judges might get tired of our candidates looking like our past representatives. Bea and Elima and even Mutya all have the faces, the body, and the elegance that will surely captivate the judges in the preliminaries. Whoever wins from among the three will surely bring the glorious years back.

  5. I was really surprised when i saw Ariella Arida joined and qualified in the BBP 2013. She improves a lot and can be the next representative for the MU2013. Go lagunense!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ria, Pia & Charmaine, victim of super hype…..their looks are old and representing them to Miss Universe will be a setback for the super showing of the Philippines of the last three years. Ria is a carbon copy of Miss Philippines 1991, Charmaine is a shadow of Venus Raj and Pia is a half breed that will not get any attention amongst candidates from EU and South America. Miss Philippines organizers will not send someone who’s look were already seen worldwide….

  7. Oh norman, someone plagiarised your bit on Ariella Arida lol; some girl copied it verbatim and posted it on the Critical Beauty facebook page..lawsuit!! hahaha

    • Not the first time it happened, Frankie. Sometimes, I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. But if they become habitual, that’s the time I step up on the gas. πŸ™‚

  8. I’d like to believe that BPCI will stick to the tested formula of sending a Malay-looking type who’s at least 5’8″. So it might be any of those girls from #20-30. Why do you think Cassandra Naidas is now sporting a tan when she can stay porcelain fair?

  9. I dont like Cassy and Buquid I Think that Their Height is just what they have. Buquid is too Commercially Type. But Pia Has This Versatility of Being Commercial and Much Fiercer. But I Cant Make my top Picks until I’ve see their Academic Backgrounds. πŸ™‚

  10. Im still rooting for Mercegrace because I’ve watched Binibining Nueva Ecija and I Didn’t notice her until the Q & A Comes. There are a lot More Beauties than her on that competition but she just Answer’s Wisely! πŸ˜€

  11. Its seems that Charmine has a bright future for one of the crowns, since she’s fresh,vibrant and has that Bb Pilipinas personality that captivates the eye’s of the public a trully Bb Pilipinas beauty, and im sure that BPCI saw that x-factor. Mabuhay BPCI!!!

    • I totally agree. Her beauty’s so universal! She’s got this multiracial beauty that would captivate both local and foreign pageant afficionados.

      • I absolutely love Charmaine’s look even at 5’7. Her long bone structure is so symmetrical and proportioned. She has the strong features that is still undoubtedly Filipina. Being a Cum laude is already a huge boost for her credentials but It just happens that she still needs more training when it comes to refinement, spontaneity, and grace. I wish she transfers to Aces and Queens, because they could bring out the sophisticated potential in her. She could still be a grand slam champion next year and possibly bring home the bacon from the Universe.

  12. fearless forecast: Ria – Universe; Pia – international; Charmaine – Tourism; Anna – supra/1st RU; cassie – 2nd RU

  13. Ariella is the silent killer of this batch.
    Anna for me is still raw.
    Pia is so perfect fit for Miss International.
    Ria is the bomb!
    Cassy for Miss Supra.

  14. The Preliminary judging in an International competition with at least 85 candidates is fast and furious.These Pre-lim judges are very quick to spot who is in and who is out just by the candidates physical appearance. Then comes the closed-door pre-lims interview, the ones that they immediately spotted based on their physical appearance gets a longer interview during the pre-lims and are given special treatment including during rehearsals for the coronation night.

    So put your self to the test. Say that you are one of the pre-lim judges and you have to be very quick to choose who is in or who is out. You only have a maximum of 10 seconds to judge 85 girls based on appearance that will have a chance for a longer closed door interview.

    Given the 10 seconds to spot based on this video that you provided Norm , my 15 semi-finalist are:
    Anna Buquid ; Cassandra ; Ria ; Pia ; Theresa F. ; Parul ; Bea ; Valerie V. ; M Grace Raquel ; Charmaine ; #13 ; #12 ; #5 ; #66 ; Cindy M.

    Let the swimsuit competition begin. Then the top 10 for Long gown competion. Then the top 5:
    Miss Universe Philippines –
    BB Pilipinas International –
    BB Pilipinas Tourism –
    BB Pilipnas Supranational –
    First Runner-Up

    • I won’t be surprised with that, Sharon. And I’m not surprised either that MUO is already eyeing our candidates as early as now to see which ones they would be interested to see as the Philippine candidate if ever. It makes sense that they like the types of Ria, Charmaine and Anna B. – all Pinay-looking. I have a feeling they’re not too keen on our mestizas. I could be wrong, but the past three years have somehow proven that.

  15. On the money Norman! (and because they’re my choices too!) On Cassandra Naidas; her strengths notwithstanding, she’ll take Noguchi’s (remember her from two years ago i think?) route. On Ariella Arida; she’s the MJ Lastimosa of this batch- ticks all the boxes yet can’t quite fit herself into a specific crown. On Abby- I must admit that I’ve been deliberately putting her aside because I feel that her wholesomeness no longer fits into any current BPCI crown, an argument I used against Mutya Datul as well. They’re both so pretty that it just becomes well, conventional. If the BPCI still had the old Maja crown, they’d be perfect for those. Abby could still place as runner-up because I suddenly remember a ‘precedent’ of sorts- another Abby who became that host guy’s (Paolo something) girlfriend. But the ‘wastage’ -after the MU and MI crowns are bestowed- waiting in the wings will make it tight for the runner-up placements. I still see as runner-ups the De Leon girl and Merry Joyce Respicio. If Pia gets rid of that horrible bun which does nothing for her face, she’ll be in contention again for either MI or Supra.

  16. So many beautiful women vying for one of the most prestigious crowns 2013. It will be challenging but it is not that hard to spot a winner or winners in the case of BB Pilipinas 3 crowns (4th if they give one for Supranational).

    Margie Moran and Gloria Diaz are within 5’6 to 5’7 tall and they were spotted right away from the very beginning because they did not blend, they STOOD OUT. Then added all the composite scores including the very important Q&A were in both were relaxed, they were smiling and laughing, and went on to capture the most prestigious crown. But let us not forget, LUCK plays an important role with a dash of politics and favoritism.

    Another observation. The 4 black women who captured the prestigious crown Misses Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Botswana and Miss Angola, even with the barrage of beautiful, gorgeous, stunning mestizas and latinas, these 4 women STOOD OUT.

    There is nothing that Miriam Quiambao can do, Miss Botswana STOOD OUT.

    This is open for debate if Janine Tugonon stood out or it was because of luck. After the Manny Pacquiao fight that also happened in Vegas was a lucky act to follow. The whole world was fixated with PHILIPPINES after the fight and then here came Miss Universe, Janine STOOD OUT. The fight was still fesh in people’s mind …. and Miss Philippines was first runner up. An event led to another event.

    Venus Raj was destined to be the Miss Universe in 2010. Her unique and striking beauty and the attention that she received from Donald Trump himself was a crown served in a silver platter. Unitl the Q&A.

    Shamcey Supsup is a complete package for latina deadringer , there is nothing can do, Miss Angola STOOD OUT.

    Having said that about STANDING OUT, with LUCK and the most important Q&A, here is my humble take on who STAND OUT and will prevail for the BB Pilipinas prestigious crowns:

    MIss Universe Philippines – Charmaine Elima or Anna Buquid or Ria Rabajante (in that order) – anyone of them will definitely stand out, they will draw attention and will auto-separate themselves from international beauties. If Anna Buquid or Ria do’nt get the MU Phil Crown I hope they will not be given the other crowns so they can again compete the following year. Imagine 2PEAT Miss Universe from the Philippines or much better 3PEAT.

    Miss International Philippines – Cassandra Naidas or Pia Wurztbach or Parul Shah. I just hope again they will not be given the other crowns so they can again compete the following year. Imagine 2PEAT Miss International from the Philippines or much better 3PEAT.

    And the rest can duke it out for Miss Supranational Philippines and Miss Tourism Philippines.

    But there are still other gorgeous girls left …. Oh Mylanta !!!!

      • Sir Norman what does “Oh Mylanta” mean? Is there a gorgeous girl by the name Mylanta?

      • No, it’s just a way of saying “Oh my God!” without using God. Mylanta is a stomach medicine as far as I know. Sort of a like a funny expression that caught on in the US, but not here. πŸ˜‰

      • Thank you Norm, I like your forum as well, it’s fun.

        I personally watched the 2 Miss Universe’ (2010 and 2012) here in Vegas and what i have learned was that MU Org pre-lim judges start the pre-judging from the moment the girls won their respective national competition and these judges are like pack of wolves (quietly watching, carefully and quick in spotting for their prey.) As the delegates arrive one by one these pre-lims judges start sniffing, re-assessing what they have watched from the girls national competition then they make their determination who will have the most exposure and longer one-on-one interview.

        Their criteria in selection is very quick and sometimes arguably precise. They can spot right away the stand outs and why quick in selection ? Because of Money. The best way for me to explain why I equate QUICKNESS with MONEY is think of the MU Org as taxi-cab meter, the longer you drive the the more distance it accumulates the more money the passenger pays. MU Org like a regular business organization would like the competition short to minimize expense and maximize profit that is why these pre-lim judges are sometimes arguably witty and quick in spotting the STAND OUTS.

        This is very positive. The MU Org is carefully watching the BB Pilipinas delegates 2013 and the ones stood out for them is Charmaine, Buquid and Ria. But let us not forget LUCK and sometimes politics also play a key role. And why are they carefully watching the BB ? Because the 2014 MU is in the works to be held in Manila. Again, LUCK and Politics play a key role. i stated on my previous post “An event led to an event”. Could it be that Miss Philiipines won 2013 MU an event which led to an event Miss U 2014 in Manila ? just an itchy thought. Oh Mylanta !!!!

      • jajajajaja !!! BB Ginoo that was really cute about Mylanta a gorgeous girl. Norm is right it is an expression and a pink stomach medicine and no one would look gorgeous having a tummy ache while taking mylanta. That was cute Bb Ginoo.

      • Yeah the tablet Mylanta! How could I be so slow! But cute according to Chrome, no less! TY sir Norms!

  17. Too many beautiful Filipinas vying for titles this year. Am still rooting for Ria Rabajante for the Bb Pilipinas-Universe. Elima, Buquid, Apuad and Parul are likewise possible alternates. I was rooting for Arida at one point then I saw a video interview and found her communications skills a bit tad and questionable. Unless she was really bored out of stupor at that time so I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. Not really fond of mestizas not unless they have that look like Supsup and Raj. Pia should change her surname. Her last name is too foreign for my taste although she has that contemporary Filipina look and may even give us a surprise ending come final night.

  18. Ria reminds me of Miss Peninsula Goajira from Miss Venezuela 2012, while Charmaine is a carbon copy of Miss Colombia International 2012, while Pia reminds me of Miss Mexico Universe 2011. Now I could say, Anna Fernadina is someone whose beauty I’ve never seen before in any international pageant…..

  19. Charmaine and Ana B are the only ones who loom fresh. The others look tired and old. Something about how Pia’s hair braught out the flaws in her facial features. The proportions are off and she looks plain.

  20. Love your top 4 picks as well! Anna, Pia, Ria & Charmaine- I am rooting for these ladies!

  21. FOUNDATION SET!!!!…… I love your choices Mr. Glenn!!!……. For this set of favorites I already assigned them who’s who will represent Philippines in the international pageants is as follows ( my own opinion )…… 2ndRU: Pia, 1stRU: Ara, Tourism: Ria, Supranational: Anna, International: Cassie, and Universe: Charmaine.
    And finalists will be Mustonen, Shah, Quintas, Flores, Santiago, Racquel, Miranda, Vispo and Bianzon……

      • You know what Glenn, I showed the photos of the foundation set that you have to my Co-Medical Doctors here in Los Angeles and they are 60% Caucasians, 20% African Americans, 10% Latino Americans,

      • Uuuggghhh….. My message to you Glenn was cut off….. So this is the continuation regarding FOUNDATION SET….. 10% Filipino Americans……. What I’m trying to say is it’s not solely my decision placing the selected “foundation set” for their ranking, i showed it to my co workers and explained to them the respective titles for grabs…. It was fun cause they did cooperate and basing on their first look on this foundation set, I’ve collated the said votes and assign the ranking!!! And please don’t bash me, it’s just an opinion and placing the ranking according to first look and appeal……

      • Sharon — No worries there — and I certainly don’t bash others who happen to express their opinions however different from mine. I’m sure there’s an abundance of varying preferences as to which candidate gets what title or rank. Although at the moment my top vote goes to Pia and Charmaine, either of which I think can do a great job representing the Philippines in Miss Universe in my humble opinion, there are other stunning candidates — for example, Ara, Cassy, Anna, Ria, etc. — who can just as easily grab the title depending on their performance on pageant night. It’s just great to see that the Philippines has an abundance of very qualified and internationally competitive candidates to pick from this year. πŸ™‚

  22. Same choices but I’m keeping my eye on these girls: Bianzon, Miranda, Respicio, Buquid, Raquel, Shah, Apuad, Datul… oh who am I kidding? Almost all of them are deserving to win! Best batch ever!

  23. Norman — Excellent picks. I’m sorting through my picks right now and it’s a juggling act. I have your first six picks on mine — Ria, PIa, Charmaine, Anna, Ara and Cassy — I call this group my foundation set — but then it kind of gets murky from there. Rather than your last two picks I have instead the taller and very elegant Pauline Quintas and the exotic and dusky Mercegrace Raquel. But there’s also the pair of statuesque beauties Valiry Vispo and Merry Joyce to consider. And how about Mutya Datul and Shan Apuad? And where to put Cindy Miranda, or Krisma? Or Bea, or Parul, or Theresa? And then there would be another one or two (Bence? Zandra?) to consider, etc. No doubt — my list, yours, and everyone else’s will continue to shift and change up until the coronation night itself.

    P.S. — I assume by the “official” release of the candidates’ number assignments that Pia will be using “Wurtzbach” as her surname, and not Alonzo, after all. I hope this doesn’t adversely affect her chances of having a fair shot at the MUP title.

  24. Your choices are quite good! Out of them I really like Ria (beauty queen look), Charmaine (exotic look), Ara (mystique look) and Pia (extremely charming. What happened to Shan and Mutya?

    • Shan and Mutya are still under my radar. I simply focused on the ladies’ impact on me during the announcement. πŸ˜‰

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