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  1. I hope that Feng Shui won’t get in the way since my girl Charmaine assigned as No. 13 (believed to be unlucky). But last year this spot proved to be a lucky one with the placement of Dimaranan. I thought about Ria being the candidate number one augurs a bright disposition. I always thought that a lady must possess all the good qualities (physically that is) as the first to be presented, but on the other hand, it also has something to do with height ( I don’t worry about height anymore though).

    I’m just wondering why the tallest girls are assigned in the 20’s when they should be around 40 going to 50 numerical assignments? And I thought all along that the last of the finests would be on the last group? Is the height the sole basis on this? I noticed that the women from the last group aren’t the giant ones? Just wondering.

    • yes 13 is a very unlucky number. 4 and 13,anyway she’ll bring number 13 all the way to the pageant but i dont think numbers would affect her performance but she looks dry and dehydrated.

      • “but she looks dry and dehydrated”- Is it because you find her face not full and rounded? Or that body doesn’t appeal much to you? Some people might not like people with high cheek-bones and strong jaw line thus the face appeared to be hollowed on both cheeks ( Humpak in tagalog ). I, personally admire people who are blessed with this kind of facial attributes like Amalia Fuentez in her heydays, Isabel Preysler and even men like Johnny Depp and Piolo Pascual.

        As for her bod: I find it perfect. Not painfully thin as Cindy M and not as chubby as Mariel.

        But for whatever imperfections one may find in each girls is just perfectly alright.
        Just cared to share my thoughts.

    • BB: The tallest girls are traditionally placed in the middle of the line-up, so the sequence is from short (candidate #1) to tallest (#26) then back to short (candidate #50). The two tallest girls — Merry Joyce Respicio and Anna Buquid — #25 and #26, respectively, are at the center, then the height sequence reverses itself thereafter. I suppose the BPCI prefers this line-up rather than to one that looks like a step ladder in order to gauge more easily the girls’ height differences while at the same time not magnifying or exaggerating them.

      • Now it gives me the picture how it goes once the ladies are up onstage. Yeah, the line up with this sequence looks much better than making it smallest to biggest. Thanks Sir Glenn!

    • This is very interesting. #13 supposed to be LUCKY 13. Charmaine is 20 years old , she is #13 and the year is 2013. Coincidence ?

    • My Feng shui said – Charmaine – MU if she smart……ANA – First runner uo – to join again next year or miss Supra………PIA -…MI you will win the title 2nd runner for MI………….Ria 2ndru join again next …..i will se a lot of clappers this time with tears.

  2. Mamang, I just read an article that Ria is not an indie candiadate.
    She, together with Quintas, Mustonen and Bianzon are trained by the 4th camp named RL’s Angels.
    Whoever are the people behind this camp, I salute all of you, job well done.
    I also salute the other teams like KF,A&Q and JDV.
    Thanks for molding and shaping our Filipina beauties at their bests.
    Win or loose, a chance to be a part of a prestigious pageant is an achievement indeed.
    May the best candidates win,and after the pageant night,it all comes to one big goal, unite!
    Unite as one, regardless of what camp a winner came from,unite as one team, Team Philippines.
    Thank You Vegas!

    • That is the 4th camp according to talks. Well, they aren’t that established yet so by next year, they should already be recognized. As of now, their status should still be indie, just like in movie production. 😉

  3. Mamang, what happened to Kylie Versoza?
    Ria at 5’7″ is pinned as #1,so she’s the shortest, bad thing.
    But expect the unexpected, last 1998, the #1 candidate (Tisha Silang) was the big winner and eventually became the big looser.
    I like Ria in a free flowing hair,she looks fresh on that.
    Hair bun is so pageant patty and 90-ish,it makes her look matrony.
    Another girl who I think will wow us is Pauline Quintas.
    My crystal ball is flaming everytime I’m glancing at her pictures,and that’s a good sign, she’s hot

    • A&Q decided it best to field Kylie for 2014. The girl is preparing for her college graduation next month and she has very little time to attend to the demands of joining BbP. 🙂

  4. Norman — Well at least the candidates’ numerical assignments give us a clearer idea of the candidates’ heights. Buquid and Respicio being the tallest are exactly where they are — in the middle. Somewhat surprised about Ria’s placement (# 1) as I had assumed (and had hoped) she was taller. But at least Charmaine’s placement (# 13) places her at around 5’7″ and that is a good thing!

  5. Hi Norm,
    Love, love your blog! I always take a peek to see what’s going on in the pageant world! Being away from Philippines for so long, it makes me feel like I am there where the action is. I’m so proud of our Filipina girls! They are all so beautiful. Proud to be a pinay myself. Can you tell me on the photo above, who is the girl on the 4th row 3rd from the right? She’s so striking beautiful! Thanks again for putting together this award-winning blog…….

    • Thank you, Myrna! Glad that my blog gives you a feel-good vibe. Anyways, the girl you’re referring to is Imelda Schweighart, one of the few showbiz joiners this year. 😉

      • That was quick! Is she considered a front runner? Or she is just those many who have nice face but no substance, you know what I mean. How tall is she? I think we would know after they started interviewing these ladies who are the leaders of the pack. Can’t wait…..waiting for your posts with videos. Thanks again.

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