6 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: A quartet of relative unknowns

  1. Hi Sir Norman, this is Carmina. With all due respect I just want to clarify that I do not have a Multiply account. I never wrote that self description that was posted there. I only have one legite account and that is my facebook account which is private. Hope I was able to shed some light to the comments I saw just now. 🙂

    Thank you so much and God bless!:)

  2. Just a quick rejoiner to Paula Bernasor: In 2011, she placed 2nd runner-up in the Miss Mandaue search. I just feel that this is worth mentioning because it’s arguably the longest-running beauty-and-brains search outside the capital (in lieu of the swimsuit competition is the playsuit since the now suspended lady governor had it banned in pageants in the province of Cebu). She also holds a master’s degree in Medical-Surgical Nursing from the prestigious Cebu Normal University where she finished her BSN.

  3. Anna Carmina is the only convincing candidate among the four, but her statement “I love to drink and drive” is such a crazy one and so irresponsible. Kinda turn off.
    Though she may mean it in a nice way, I find it rebellious and setting a bad example.

    • I shouldn’t have included that self-description, Basil. I had a feeling some people might get offended by it. But then again, she wrote that in her Multiply page a number of years back, so she must’ve already mellowed by now. 😉

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