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  1. I saw this vid over 5 times. Let me share with you some thoughts:

    I agree Ria will be a pain in the neck of other contenders. With that minimal movements- a beauty queen was born in my sight! So naturally elegant in the way she moves and how she glides is a wonder ( she must have mastered this through experience). Although I have not seen Maine in motion of any aside from this video- I must say I am still in awe of her projection and how she gave justice to her white two- piece.I still am envisioning her strutting that killing moves ( whatever will that be) against the feisty, fierce and strong Latinas.

    Pia’s long neck and virginal face really suits the crown and the red robe of Miss international.

    While Mariel has one of the best swimsuit which looks expensive, lacks the appeal or hotness having gorgeous ladies standing around her. I am afraid that this may not be her lucky year despite having artistahin features.

    Anna despite being one of the tallest has yet to show what else she has up her sleeve. I am not yet sold to my early predictions ( and mostly) that she’s good for Supra ( which means a First Runner Up finish, no less). Well never know yet what else Buquid can offer but surely, with figure and face like that- she may be a strong force in the ramp as Evening Gown competition begins.

    Arida can not be dismissed this early as Miss Phil-Universe contender, for she too is quite suitable. She has the aura I saw in Maricar Balagtas. This girl’s over-all look can quite measure up to what a Binibining Pilipinas winners look like.

    And watch out for Pauline Quintas. This lady won’t settle for anything less. Her edge might be an early training and gazillion tips from Joanne Quintas (who made a decent rating in MU).

    These and more that makes Bb. Pilipinas 2013 as exciting as watching Miss Universe. Exciting is an understatement!

  2. Candidate number 2 stood out for me. The next Miss Universe will be Miss Philippines!

  3. De Leon despite being over voluptuous is a standout withpatrician (read: classy) features and elegant stance..Ria just wowed me with her classy and elegant ways plus the dusky exotic charm & look..Pia has one of the prettiest faces but comes across as a Miss Teen candidate…giggly and bubbly

  4. Dyou know the name of Candidate No. 64 in the Vid? have a huge crush on her, she’s gorgeous

  5. Norman — Watch Pia Wurtzbach at 57 to 59 seconds. She is always ON even as she stands in the back row. Her elegance, grace, poise and composure is a pleasure to watch and is a cut above the rest IMHO. This consolidates what I already thought of her all along — a real beauty queen.

      • Yes, Norman. And I read somewhere that Pia has been modelling since she was 11 years old. Projecting and knowing her best angle at all times and in all situations must be second instinct to her — and it shows. Although these “skills” can be learned somewhat with dedicated practice at a later age, a candidate like Pia who has had the experience of having been a child model can intuitively and effortlessly deliver grace under pressure even under the most critical and awkward of moments. That is why I have her pegged for the Universe title.

      • You’re right, Glenn. Pia has been ‘baked’ under the klieg lights and in front of so many lenses since she was a pre-pubescent charmer. And it shows in the way she presents herself. 🙂

  6. Ria and Charmaine are my top picks!! Hope theyre both smart..Si Mariel..Noooo!!! She needs to lose weight and how come super kapal ng hair nya?!?!?

    • Yes I also notice her having a big hair that seems so old fashioned until I chanced upon a stylist interview on tv about what’s in for 2013. Big hair of the 80’s will have a significant comeback this year and big curls as well, big as in with volumes and accessories and trend of the 60’s fashion is in the offing. So I think Mariel being in showbiz circles since birth knows more than anyone the latest trend in styling. But she must shed unwanted pounds so that will make her appear not too voluptuous if she seriously wants to sport a voluminous hair. She is one lovely lady no less!

  7. Grabe si Ria Rabajante! Siya na talaga ang babaeng itinakdang maging Next Miss Universe! So Queenly and regal!!!! You’ll forget about the other when you see her. De Leon is the classic Beauty Queen. Noong time na healthy pa ang mga babae. The likes of Margie Moran. I didn’t even notice Elima. I have to replay the video to pinpoint her. Nilamon siya ng ibang girls.

  8. After having seen the vids, my faves have changed; MU for me should either be Anna B or Ria R with Charm E dropping to third. The make-over potential for Anna is mind-boggling (if MU ends up being held in December again, Anna B will have the chance to fill out parts of her gangly frame and presto, a true goddess). Ria R’s demeanor is just so weighty you can’t help but feel compelled to keep your attention on her and no one else. Charm E is truly beautiful yes, but has a collection of tics and moves that to me are just too pageanty, a tad cliched. But then we’ll see how it all plays out on final night of course. The rest of the crowns can be fought over by the other girls like Pia, possibly Merry Joyce R? Cindy M (who is painfully thin in my opinion). The runners-up- and these are important placements as of late, e.g. Elaine Moll, Janine T, Diane Necio- could be given to Maria Angelica de leon (this girl is gorgeous!), Amanda Navasero? Runner-up alternates could be Anna B and Charm E should they fail to catch the MU crown.

  9. Ria totally rocked it. Her exotic look complemented by her skin colour and that beautiful face will send Miss U stage at a frenzy. OMG, I’m in love with this girl.

  10. Cassandra Naidas, Charmaine Elima, Ria Rabajante, Maria Gloria Mustonen, Pia Wurtzbach, Bea Santiago, Zandra Flores, Pauline Quintas, Anna Buquid, Bencelle Bianzon, Mercegrace, Cindy Miranda,……. I just Woke up and this are the candidates that I vividly remember from last night after seeing OPMB’s video which means they stood out very well……. Sad to say Mariel did stood out too for being “Majobis” ( taba)….. Oh I almost forgot Parul Shah….. Strikingly exotic……

  11. Charmaine is the only one who stood out face wise. She commands the stage and your attention goes directly to her. I hope she has some sense when she speaks. She’s a shoe in for top 5 Ms U!

    • wow hinog na hinog na tlga c elimaaaaa!!! ready to fighttttttttt!!!!!! chaka murang mura nalang gagastusin ni madam stella gawang gawa na sya. sana magaling sya sa communication skills. =) i heard she’s only 19 or 20? pero concern ko muka na syang mid 20’s mga 24 – 25yrs old and her height. i hope she drinks more water.

  12. Ganda ni Pia! Ria’ s figure can be likened to Lorna Legazpi ( Bb. Pilipinas candidate turned Mutya ng Pilipinas turned Miss Asia Pacific). Elima registers same in her pics. Mariel must watch her diet. Pia Romero should work on her thighs coz I see baby fats around it.

  13. standouts:
    1st set : 103, 2,65
    2nd set: 2nd girl ( very tall)
    3rd set: Elima
    4th set: 52, 62
    5th set: 51 (supsup lookalike), 12
    6th set: 54, 66

    was surprised to see ria register very well on screen. shes got a queenly demeanor and amongst the girls, she has the winner’s aura and projection.

  14. Cassandra Naidas registered very well!!!….. And so with Ria, Pia, and Charmaine…..and so with Ara, Bea,…… I hope to see more videos of them…… Medyo healthy si De Leon…… But for now Cassie’s presence is a winner……

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