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  1. Mariel de Leon is such a goddess.
    She’s unleashing the guy in me.
    Everytime I’m looking at her volumptuous body and mysterious face, it’s like forgetting that I’m a gay even just for seconds.
    Ohhhhhh Mariel, so seldom we see a beauty like yours.
    Goodluck to you girl.
    You are one of my bets.

  2. I’d like to see MORE of RIA, PIA, IMEE, ANNA FERNADINA, SHAN AND MATEANE…. so let’s the pageant begins…….

  3. My faves are: Pia, Charmaine, Ria, Merry Joyce, Theresa, Amanda, Camille, Cindy M, Ara, Pauline and Imee. Beautiful bunch of girls that will make the process of choosing Miss Philippines Universe, International, Tourism very difficult. If I was to choose and this is just my view through watching the Miss Universe pageant religiously and following the trend, Stateside, I believe the following should be considered for the following crowns:

    Miss Universe: Pia or Charmaine (either one will be strong girls to get us in the Top 5 (again) and even win us the crown!) but I would choose Pia just because her face, younger, fresher then Charmaine, she’s mestiza and body (HOT) is strong and can easily compete with the fave, strong Latina girls. But then again, Charmaine is BEAUTIFUL in every sense of the word… so this one is tough.
    Miss International: Pia, Charmaine or Merry Joyce. I would go for Charmaine if she doesn’t get the Universe crown. If she wins the Miss U crown, it should go to Pia
    Miss Tourism: Merry Joyce or Ara. In this case, I would go for Merry Joyce.

    I predict that the Philippines will win each pageant in 2013!! Believe you me!!

  4. Norman — And let the games begin! At least now, we can have a better view of the candidates. I’m looking forward to your future blogs as the competition unravels. And I’m sure my list will continue to evolve.

    • It will. Just as mine have already started getting all muddled up as early last week. So far, Amanda Navasero and Abby Monderin are pleasing me on top of the pop choices so far.

  5. Krisma, Pia and Charmaine are my faves… gotta see how well they perform (catwwalk and interview) to definitely see who’s my top1.

    • This one is surely devastating for Arrozal, who I learned was a Top10 finisher in Binibining Pilipinas 2008 and 4th runner up in Miss World-Philippines 2011.I feel sorry for her together with Supermodel finalist Kaye Agnes and Miss Tourism-Philippines 2012 winner Meryl King edged out by some newbies who have all the luck. 🙂

      • Arrozal, Agnes and King could easily have replaced a bunch of those who made it to the Top 50, but maybe it’s some sort of subtle or ‘unspoken’ message by BPCI saying it discourages ‘serial joiners’ or titlists/placers from other pageants. It doesn’t formally say so but I guess this is BPCI’s way of exercising its right to choose its own candidate, on its own terms no matter how arbitrary (or unfair) it may seem to others. I for one wouldn’t call back Arrozal either- I feel that she has nothing more to offer, unless she miraculously sports a radical new look or persona. Pity that Philippine pageants discourage cosmetic enhancement to the point that even the tiniest tweak is the kiss of death for a contestant (remember the two Patties?). It would be much more interesting having serial joiners returning but totally re-invented and still be given a chance….

    • Only goes to show that this is a good batch of ladies and that BPCI is starting to really be selective of their women…

  6. My Frontrunners:

    Charmaine Elima
    Bea Santiago
    Merry Respicio
    Pia Romero
    Ara Arida
    Pauline Quintas
    Maria Mustonen
    Ria Rabajante
    Bence Bianzon
    Krizma Pascual
    Mariel De Leon
    Shan Apuad
    Mutya Datul
    Anna Buquid

    • Diane Necio is an exciting beauty, and I’m really proud of Janine Tugonon but no offense, I’m happy that there are no previous runners-up taking advantage this year of their last year’s perks.I believe there is a surplus of potential and interesting beauties to discover in the Philippines.BPCI need only to explore places like Bicol,Pampanga,Cebu,Davao,Zamboanga etc.

      • Norman — Most everyone’s happy that there are no repeaters this year. But wouldn’t you agree that with the surplus of many qualified candidates this year, that perhaps it would be a good thing if some of them at least would consider joining the pageant again next year if they don’t win a title this year? I would certainly hope so! So rather than discourage “repeaters” as a general rule I would encourage its practice. I would even go further and encourage all three national pageants to coordinate, facilitate and make easier the mutual exchange of candidates to maximize the Philippines’ chances of winning another international title. Instead of “punishing” aspirants for having crossed over from a rival pageant, these same aspirants should instead be encouraged and fostered to do so. The Philippines’ major national pageants should work together and use every weapon at their disposal and not close the door on any girl because she happened to be one of last year’s candidate or just because she competed in a rival local pageant. Waste not, want not.

      • Agree, Glenn. I think it’s only for the 50th year that BBP repeaters may have been ‘discouraged’ from joining. 2014 will likely be a free-for-all affair once more. 🙂

  7. Ria……Charmaine…….and Ara Please Watch them!!!!!!!! Trainers, Let the pageant begins!

  8. Charmaine reminds me so much of Ada Aimee dela Cruz (Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2009)! So many good bets this year! I’m excited! Can’t wait to see interviews, I think that’s the only way I could break the tie between my favorites!

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