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  1. Hi Norman, could you please confirm if the “Girl Who Cried Wolf” really submitted her application but was not asked to come back for the screening because of her sexy pictures?

    • What I know is that she did not even reach the point of filing her application. So the issue about her sexy Rogue Magazine pictorial was no longer played up that prominently. I heard that Star Magic stepped in the way to prevent any ugly controversy from getting blown out of proportion.

      • Thanks, Norman. I don’t understand why she participated in A&Q’s mock pageant if she has no plans of joining. I am sure she knows her sexy pictures will be an issue.

      • Actually, she attended the mock pageant proceedings but did not participate in the same.

        Who knows, she might finally join in 2014 if and when a new franchise holder of MU is born and posing in a sexy pictorial will no longer be taboo. 😉

      • Norman — It appears that this issue of her joining (or not joining) has become an annual publicity event of sorts. Why am I not surprised that it eventually (and predictably) did not materialize? I’ll make the fearless forecast for another deja vu in 2014. I’m surprised that people continue to buy into this.

  2. Norman – Overall, I’m quite happy with the official roster. The girls who I considered as front runners early on (Pia, Charmaine, Pauline, Cassy, Ara, Anna, etc.) all made it as official candidates and like the rest of you I’m satisified with that. However, I’m surprised by a couple of glaring “omissions” here:

    1) Jaysel Arrozal, 5’10”, a former MWP fourth princess and BBP semifinalist to boot; and 2) Kaye Michelle Agnes, 5’7”, MWP candidate and a Ford supermodel finalist. Surely it wasn’t because they were too old – otherwise they wouldn’t have made it past the pageant’s age requirement. And it clearly wasn’t because these two pageant veterans flubbed their presentation – they’ve been through this process at least a couple of times before and did relatively well. And from the looks of their recent photos they still looked to be quite competitive – no weight problems or double chins there.

    So could someone give a rational explanation as to how and why these two pageant-vetted aspirants “failed” to pass this initial screening — especially when you compare them to some of the less stunning newbies who somehow made it as official candidates. Surely there must be other reasons at play here. Were these two girls collateral damage from pageant politics gone bad — or is this another case of deferential showbiz favoritism rearing its ugly head? Or perhaps it’s BBP’s way of saying “no thanks” to aspirants who have crossed over from their pageant rival and that by setting these two up for rejection, BBP sends a strong disapproving “don’t go there” signal as a warning to future pageant applicants. In any case, it just doesn’t smell right and doesn’t seem fair — even from where I’m sitting here in the freezing Midwest. I’d appreciate your thoughts, Norman, on their seemingly unwarranted elimination.

    • The crossover thing cannot be pointed out as the reason because there are at least two ladies in the Top 50 who joined last year’s MWP (Baccay and Ong). It could be that the Madame wants first-time BBP joiners only for its 50th year or either Kaye or Jaysel or both have contract issues.

      • Ah yes, the dreaded conflict of interest issue! Well, at least that’s a bit comforting and as good a valid reason that there might be. One would think those in showbiz presently would be more likely to run afoul of it and not these two — let’s hope it doesn’t rear its ugly head again for those already in the official roster. Thanks, Norman.

  3. madam de cubao just showed us how vindictive she can be about girls who figured in her rival pageant. jacel arozal and kaye agnes were obviously excluded from the final list because of their previous participation in madam cory’s pageant. These 2 girls have are more than qualified than at least half of those who were favored in the final 50. bias pageant!!!

      • Norman — I think my surprise stems mainly from their exclusion from the INITIAL screening — the group of 70 or so aspirants who were called back and screened for the final 50. This is what is bewildering to many people because both Kaye and Jaysel are perfectly qualified to pass even that. There may have been contractual issues as you mentioned, but these girls aren’t high-profile Filipino celebrities or product endorsers. Standard endorsement contracts usually have escape clauses that allow either party to terminate their mutual affiliation quickly. BPCI surely isn’t asking all of their applicants to quit their contracts before they’ve even won a title! It would be like having a prospective employer asking you to quit your current job before you’re even hired. That would be unthinkable.

      • To be honest, Glenn, I think there’s more to it than what we are privy to. I just can’t make any further speculations anymore. I might already be going beyond unchartered fences. 😉

  4. I’m surprised that Supermodel finalist and Miss World-Philippines veteran Kaye Agnes isn’t in the list.Did she fail to make the cut or back out at the last minute?Thanks!

      • That is clearly more acceptable because it’s unthinkable that the screening committee would downplay on her physical requirements or even previous pageant experiences.Just too bad because it would’ve become even more exciting if Kaye Agnes, Meryl King and Jayzel Arozzal or even Megan Young were given the chance to compete.Then again,Binibining Pilipinas has always been exciting year after year.Thanks,Norman.

  5. 50 great & gorgeous official candidates for 50 Beautiful Years of Binibining Pilipinas. Happy Golden Anniversary, BBP! 🙂 Thanks much also Mr. Norman for giving us an accurate & most reliable updates. :* By the way, Lourenz Remetillo is technically Elaine Kay Moll’s (Binibining Pilipinas 2012 1st Runner Up) predecessor as Miss Supranational Philippines. She was also the first ever Filipina representative to this emerging global beauty pageant. Like what you said Mr. Norman, hopefully there will be no disqualification or back out dramas on this year’s batch.

  6. #49 looks like Paula Bernasor of Ormoc City! She placed runner-up in Miss Mandaue 2010 and recently grabbed the Miss Scuba Philippines-Tourism 2012. 😉

  7. What made it more exciting is that we already knew these lovelies prior to becoming official candidates. Thanks Sir Norman for your efforts! Visiting your blog is one of my sheer joys in my simple life. Keep them coming!

  8. Lahat ba ng pumasok sa 50 e babae lahat?
    Baka naman may nakalusot dyan na may itlog pala?

    • Mars, matanda na si Stella.
      Malabo na ang mata ng thunder from down under, malay ba natin kung ang nakita at nasalat nyang putay e pandecoco pala na may biyak sa gitna,at ang dalawang itlog ay nakapalaman sa loob.
      So we can never tell kung sino ba sa mga yan ang may itlog at wala.
      Honesty is the best polishing, dapat yan ang motto nila.
      Yup basurahan ang MPE, basurahan na sosyal, dahil segregated ang mga basura.
      May trash can para sa nabubulok at hindi nabubulok.

    • Mars Angela, sa palagay mo, ano kaya ang pangarap ni Stellalu nung bata pa sya aside from being a beauty contest?
      Ginusto rin nya kaya ang maging Psychology, Nutrition, Hotel, Resort, or Eroplano?

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