7 comments on “Mutya Datul VS Krisma Pascual: Local Blend or Latina Bent?

  1. Mutya definetly has the pressence(correct my spelling if wrong) . She has great beauty and you can see her personality shine through just by looking at her smile. but i’ve heard about her communication skill struggle. but i hope she makes it. and what makes her stand out is that she doesn’t try to be fierce like the other girls, she’s just bubbly and gorge. Definetly an eye catcher!

  2. Mutya has the face and the body,but her fairy god mother is not on her side.
    She joined the Mutya ng Pilipinas and inspite of being the most favorite candidate,she ended up as a top 10 finisher only.
    Then again, she joined Miss Casino Filipino( A Miss Barangay-Peg pageant ) and still went home crying,empty handed.
    She should consult a feng shui expert on what direction to put her hair bun to have enough luck.
    And to Krisma, yes she has the styling and face value,but she’s too short.
    It’ll be injustice to give a crown to a petite candidate knowing that this batch will be filled with towering divas.

  3. Norman I just hope whoever is training Mutya, they will be able to improve here in her communication skills and voice projection..she lacks a lot in this department..but in beauty and body category, she is definitely a shoo-in…

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