14 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1: Season Finale Update…..Jessica wins!

  1. I think one of the prizes Nadya mentioned is a working contract covering the UK and Europe? Hmmm…
    So were they looking for someone to fit that setting after all?
    Not meaning to take any credit away from Jessica though. She was a top contender for sure. It’s just so hard not to be suspicious.

    • Jessica deserved the win, but I was secretly hoping that the winner looks Asian so she can counter-flow the European look and stand out even more.

    • Stephanie deserved to win the crown.
      And if she failed she try her best. Congrats:-) we are proud to be filipina.

  2. i think the girls weren’t given enough allowance for individuality. the shoot directors were like going into the set with some white supermodel in mind and were so like thinking, “this girl doesn’t look anything like miss white supermodel and isn’t doing it the way miss white supermodel does it…”

  3. I hope Jessica never gets to work with someone who would treat her the way Daniel Boey and Kenneth Goh treated Stephanie. I don’t think she’ll be able to handle it.

  4. On some occasions, I thought it was a lack of genuine talent on the part of Daniel, Kenneth, and their assistant photographers. It doesn’t matter which big-name company, magazine, or model they’ve worked with, their supposed skills just didn’t show. I saw some nice poses from the models and then come judging time they bring out rubbish and say “this was your best shot…” Huh? Amateurs could do better!

    And sometimes i felt like the bias was obvious (again, on the part of Daniel and Kenneth). You could hear praises for Jessica even at times when she wasn’t really doing any better. They were patient with some models, but were instantly showing strong negative vibes and totally ruining the mood for some girls.

    Sure, later on Daniel was going around playing “comforter” and was no longer a judge in the finale but I think it was just an attempt to save the show from bad reviews.

    • They really built the story arc of Jessica to make her look deserving of the win. More than halfway through the season, you already get the feeling that the Thai will take it all the way. And this doesn’t bode too well for TV viewing. The suspense is not there, except when Tyra ‘defended’ Stephanie during the last ep.

  5. Can Jessica still make it at 27?Fashion models start really young and peak around that age.I remember Francine Prieto was 13 when she begun high-profile modeling and bowed out before even reaching 30.Anyhow,best of luck to Jessica.Who knows she can set another trend for models this time.

    • That was one of Tyra Banks’ main concern during the final deliberations. She clearly sided for the more current looks of Stephanie, but was outvoted. I love Jessica. But she should be ready for a healthy dose of rejections along the way should age get in the way of bookings. She can easily be styled to look younger. But her rise to fame might be stunted after the industry realizes that she’s no spring chicken anymore. 😦

      • Right,right.I love Jessica’s model projection.But if a young,gorgeous and already a Supermodel of the World winner can still be turned down in New York, certainly the possibility isn’t remote for the ageless Jessica.As for Stephanie,I think her brand of beauty isn’t the raves for international modeling—too pretty and an eye candy as if more for teen modeling of sort. 🙂

  6. i’m curious if steph will try london or paris or nyc. she’s very marketable and has the most potential of the 3. do you know if she has representation outside of asia? i can see her as the next lui wen or ming xi… jessica is too old. she may do well in thailand and asia but that’s it.

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