19 comments on “Let’s play Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Screening Committee!

  1. TOP 15
    in random order,( i repeat . in random)

    Pia Wurtzbach Romero 5’7″
    Hannah Ruth Sison 5’8″
    Ariella Arida 5’8″
    Cassandra Naidas 5’10″
    Mutya Johanna Datul 5’8″

    Cindy Miranda 5’7″
    Bea Santiago 5’9″
    Parul Shah 5’9″
    Ria Rabajante 5’7″
    Pauline Quintas 5’10″

    Aiyana Mickiewicz 5’8″
    Shan Apuad 5’8″
    Merry Grace Respicio 5’11″
    Amanda Navasero 5’6″
    Anna Buquid 5’11 3/4″

  2. Norman — What strikes me about your list is the high quality of the girls without a camp (the so-called “independents”).

  3. I mean TOP 15 WISH LIST…Another 15 Lovely ladies go through serious assessment (echos!!!) and that’s for tomorrow!

  4. As an obedient follower, here’s my TOP 15 in no particular order (as of Today)

    1. APUAD
    2. ARIDA
    3. BUQUID
    4. DATUL
    5. DE LEON
    6. ELIMA
    7. MIRANDA
    8. PASCUAL
    9. QUINTAS
    11. RAQUEL
    12. ROMERO
    13. SHAH

  5. And here’s my wish list 30 Official Candidates* for Bb. Pilipinas 2013:
    1. Pia Wurtzbach
    2. Ara Arida
    3. Charmaine Elima
    4. Maria Mustonen
    5. Bea Santiago
    6. Cassandra Naidas
    7. Teresa Fenger
    8. Mariel De Leon
    9. Zandra Flores
    10. Aiyana Mikiewicz
    11. Imelda Schweighart
    12. Parul Shah
    13. Camille Nazar
    14. Shan Apuad
    15. Krisma Pascual
    16. Mariz Ong
    17. Anna Buquid
    18. Mutya Datul
    19. Mateane Baccay
    20. Meryl Angeline King
    21. Kaye Michelle Agnes
    22. Cindy Miranda
    23. Angel May Villafuerte
    24.Nicole Tuazon
    25. Valiry Vispo
    26. Merce Grace Raquel
    27. Ria Rabajante
    28. Hannah Sison
    29. Pauline Quintas
    30. Merry Joyce Respicio

      • Norman, So has the deadline been extended yet again? Or has the BPCI decided to allow walk-in applicants up to the day of the final screening on the 16th?

      • No extensions announced yet. I’m hopeful that the OCs will be announced in a day or two. My understanding is that if the application has already been filed, the girl can show up till the last screening, as evidenced by previous practices. And if indeed she begged off for this year, it must be due to the ultra stiff line-up of wannabes.

      • Thanks, Norman. Ultra-stiff line-up is right. Indeed, applicants who are faint of heart or not 101% committed need not apply this year.

      • i really hope she does cuz i can totally see her transform into a Beauty Godess that reminds me of Melinda Bam (Miss.U.S.Africa2012) but an asian version!

  6. I can, easily. Infact, although this competition is stretching, and I mean its a stretch, to field 50 candidates to somehow relate it to BPCI’s “50th” year in service (I’m sure they’ve done quite a bit of good), I have no problem narrowing my list down to 20. Just as I’m sure I’d have no problem paring that list further down to 5 as we find out which ones actually have tongues and aren’t afraid to use them. Of course, I like finding things out about the ladies, but I am particularly interest in Jasmine Maierhofer, Angel Villafuerte, Michelle Panemanglor, Maria Mustonen, Ara Arida, Pia Alonzo, Bea Santiago, and am intrigued by Mariel De Leon not only because she has acting in her blood and may do well on stage, but also because she has quite a different look. If Janine Tugonon transformed into what she looks like today, just imagine how Mariel would look like. She may just turn out to be a darkhorse in all this. And no, I don’t think it applies to all the other girls. As of now, there are that many who would pass muster. But who knows what will come through the door as the screenings continue…..

  7. I can’t!!! Love your list and is probably a reflection of mine. However, there is this gnawing feeling that there is a darkhorse in there somewhere that no one may have noticed and may come out of the dark and surprise the @#$%*() out of everyone. Can’t do a list yet. So many to choose from. So many unknowns. As much as I would love to see some of my “favorites” get in, I’m sure there are some girls/women out of the spotlight that just may shock and awe us. As frustrating as this is, it certainly makes me feel sooooo good that there are so many GREAT choices! Will this FINALLY be our year to get some international crowns of prestige? With all these great choices, I PRAY SO THAT IT IS SO.

  8. narrowing them down to top 30 doesn’t help a bit. There’s just so much beauties this year. Everyone can step up and be worthy of a crown. For sure, we will be wasting a lot..

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