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  1. It’s still a puzzle to me why a lady as gorgeous as Ria Rabjajante could not even make the cut at the Binibining Pilipinas and Miss World-Philippines.This is the kind of Filipina beauty that is not supposed to be ignored.I hope she tries another national pageant one last time maybe Mutya ng Pilipinas—she deserves a title.

  2. I agree guys.Ria is the best to represent our country…Ibang iba talaga ang aura nya..There were many beautiful contestants than her pero its hard to explain ang meron c ria kasi nga combination ng lahat ng beauty na hindi maintindihan..Hahahaha! diko nga mintindihan kasi diko ma explain..In short, nasa kay Ria na lahat.

  3. Yeah I Understand the commotion going here with the arrival of this SUPAHGIRL who came out of the blue and instantly rocked my world! But not my faith… I’m gonna hold on to Elima till I find the right reason to put my girl behind any girls. The judgement base solely on physical attributes and while RABAJANTE comes to me as a fiery-fierce-hottie-bitchy woman of the world, ELIMA is simply UNIVERSAL and it is written all over her FACE and her EYES speak the kindness of HUMAN spirit.

  4. agree! she does look like techie agbayani at first glance…but i believe it’s anjanette abayari that someone in this post is referring too (techie was no binibining pilipinas universe, she was a playboy model then). anyway, yeah…she does look like anjanette too 🙂 this is a WINNING FACE. the rest are beautiful…but this one is distinctly pinay. and she has abs! i hope she carries herself well on stage. in general, i think diction is forgivable but grammar and content should always be there. excited to see this ria. ito ang manok ko! 🙂

    • tetchie joined a beauty contest but lost to a mestiza… she joined the entertainment scene and posed for playboy.

  5. wow for the first time norman!!!!!….. i love love love this girl!…. im just waiting for this girl to open her mouth… i hope she has substance to back up her amazing BEAUTY!

  6. She is a natural beauty from head to foot! A clear frontrunner. Ria Rabajante!!!

  7. Wow. Bombshell is right. Ria is absolutely gorgeous. Face, bod, complexion, she’s got everything.

  8. I am switching team now.
    Team Rabajante!
    Janine Tugonon, Miriam Quiambao and Lovie Poe rolled into one.
    She’s an asteroid ready to destroy any alien that will stand on her way.
    7 orgasms for Donald Duck este Donald Trump.

    • So we’re teammates now?
      Okay, help me find buyers of my fishponds,bonsai collections and chopped car parts so we can support her all the way.

  9. yes, she has a chance of making it to be an official candidate. but, she is a threat to those who are favorites already. i feel like she went for surgery and i still like the natural auras.

    • nope known this girl for a long time. she’s bff with my younger cousin.. so no surgery… my coz alyana gerona is also very pretty and hot..

    • i know ria rabajante and she`s all natural no surgery at all. she`s from my alma matter and a very close friend of my sister.

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