6 comments on “Just so you know, there’s another Cindy in the running

  1. She looks a cross between Tin Tin Bersola and Angelica Jones…Ganda ng kutis. Hope to see her in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013!

  2. Oooooooooooolala!
    What is this?
    That plant, it’s seollum.
    I really love plants,and seollum is one of those that really strikes my eyes.
    Beautiful ornamental plant, great leaves.
    Stunning plant.

    • I’m not feeling well today but you made me laughed Basil. That’s also the same plant I always see in the gardens of well-to-do families. Thanks for naming it!

      • Yes,that is such a famous ornamental plants for rich families.If there is a beauty pagaent for plants, seollum will win the Miss Plant Universe title.
        Just look at the glamshot of that plant,so beautiful,effortless and very photogenic.

  3. Norman, she will definitely give other candidates run for their money. Based on the pix she is gorgeous..

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