16 comments on “Kagandahang Flores Glamshots: Take Your Picks

  1. Charmain Elima! Stunning face and body, not to mention her perfect symmetrical face and olive skin!!! This girl is also very intelligent….. Future miss universe!!!

  2. This kind of glamshot (Elima) I only see in MU! If only BBP would base their judgement according to how a girl appear in photos- ELIMA would be “The Chosen One”. Though I can not easily dismiss Pia and Buquid for the Universe Title. Can’t wait to see them in live motion!

  3. Amongst the candidates (kf and a&q) and purely by looking at their photos alone, the only candidate that has “je ne sais quoi” without shadow of a doubt, is Elima. She has the look that is considered universally beautiful.

  4. Norm, just a thought and hoping you would consider this. Can you make a head-to-head review between Charmaine and Pia. I think its quite obvious that the two are being eyed to take the spot..Lets see how this would flood comments and reactions from the enthusiasts like me..hahahah

  5. Now that Megan’s apparently out of contention, It’s almost safe to say that Elima will have a place in the semis. Basing on their candids – I’d go with the majority. Elima for Universe & Pia for International

  6. Based on their glam shots, Charmaine Elima leads the Flores camp IMO. Parul Shah and Zandra Flores are not too far behind, however. It’s rather difficult at this stage to rank all of them definitively without seeing them in live motion or hearing them talk. Same goes for Aces & Queens with Pia Alonzo, Ara Arida, Shaun Apuad and Cassandra Naidas leading their camp. And we ain’t seen everyone yet! All told, this is going to one tough competition.

  7. Charmaine or Pia for Miss Universe Philippines 2013!! Beautiful girls… either one will win us back the crown!!

  8. Charmaine Elima is definitely for Universe, Pia or Cassie Naidas for International, Anna Buquid or Zandra for Supranational and Parul Shah for MTQI…….this are my early favorites basing on the blogs and commentaries that I’ve meticulously read, My oh my I am so excited!!!…….

  9. I wish just for this year, there was a single, humungous pageant with all the crowns in it- from Miss U, Ms World, Ms earth to the other uhm, B-list pageants…

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