4 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1: Week #12 Update…Hong Kong, here they come!

  1. I wonder why they were taken by bus to the go-sees, unlike America’sNTM where they have to get there by taxi and budget their own time, navigating themselves. Then if they are late, they’re out. Actually I liked it better this way. I didn’t miss the part in the taxis, with the models getting angry if they can’t find the go-see. Yeah, I don’t miss that. Hope there’s a cycle 2 and more of Norman’s great posts!

    • Thanks, Jill! Here’s my take on those go-sees. I think the producers are pressed for time and extra cameramen so having them hunt down the pit stops individually and via taxis will mean four separate single or two-men shooting teams following each of the four. That would require four to six extra heads to bring to HK. I’m not belittling the producers. But if they can cut costs without sacrificing the show’s continuity, then so be it, I guess. Would’ve loved a sort of Amazing Race feel to that part, but maybe in Season 2? And wouldn’t it be more challenging if the go-sees were held in Bangkok? 🙂

      • Also there would be an unfair advantage for those who know the language and the location. Bangkok would be a great place to film. There too it would be someone’s home country and they would have the advantage. We’ll see what they do next cycle!

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