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  1. Hi Norman. Tuloy na ba na abs-cbn ang nakabili ng miss universe Philippines franchise? Sana naman totoo.

  2. After Elaine Kay Moll’s success as 3rd Runner Up in Miss Supranational last year, I do believe its time that Miss Supranational Philippines must be a national title, equally to Miss Universe Philippiines, & Miss International Philippines titles. As for Miss Tourism Philippines, it should be retained, although it must be the first title to call for the coronation night. As for Miss Universe national franchise, it will be a mixed emotions for me. It will be great if ABS-CBN will get the national franchise from BPCI, Having been the country’s global network, I’m very sure that they will find & produce qualified Filipina to be “the most beautiful woman in the Universe”. But I’m so sad for BPCI & Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta. After all, we had 2 Miss Universe titles (1969 & 1973), 2 Vice Miss Universe titles (1999 & 2012), runners-up, & finalists under her supervision.

  3. I definitely most agree about Supranational Title. As far as I’m concerned, it is much better than the inconsistent MTQI. I just hope that the Second-Runner up would be sent to MTQI. Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational- to me sounds grander and seemingly to me of equal importance than Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism which I always picture as the lady who escorts tourist in every scenic-spots of our land.

    • Miss Supranational Philippines 2011 Lourenz Grace Remetillo is part of the TOP 50 Finalists of Binibining Pilipinas Edited by Manila Press Posted by Michelle Anne Constantino at 4:32 AM

      One of the beauties that graced Bb. Pilipinas screenings is Lourenz Grace Remetillo, if the name sounds familiar to you, it is because she was the country’s first representative to Miss Supranational in 2011 (won by Monica Lewczuk) when the franchise was still not with Bb. Pilipinas.Last year (2012), Madam Stella Marquez Araneta acquired the rights to send a representative to Miss Supranational and appointed Bb. Pilipinas 1st Runner Up Elaine Kay Moll.

      Will Lourenz make it to the Binibining Pilipinas 50th Anniversary official contestants? 

  4. The thought of GMA getting the franchise of Miss Universe would be the most shocking of all shockers!!! Wag naman po sana. They had enough of “poochu-poochu” Bb. Pilipinas in the past (lacking glamor and weak production numbers–except for the hosts who did well). I have no problem ‘though about the idea of ABS CBN acquiring the franchise from it’s original home BPCI since I agree that it’s about time that a PInoy designed gowns be finally showcased in a global stage as exciting and epic as MU. Moreover, the glitz and glam plus world class acts only ABS CBN can give, IMHO.

  5. Norman — I would agree with you. Although not yet a grand slam pageant, Miss Supranational is certainly more preferable to China-owned Miss Tourism International Queen that has cancelled two pageants in the past three years. I would dump the MTIQ Philippines crown in a heartbeat and relegate it as a runner-up or appointed title and replace it with a Supranational Philippines crown.

  6. To me it is a big NO. Just because ‘one’ website declared it as a grandslam just like that Miss TQI does not mean it is now at par with Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss Interational. supra is just another pageant with no brand and cause.

  7. o.m.g! the thoughtof the bb pilipinas crown slipping away from the handsof madam stella is unfathomable!!! its like jhon lloyd cruz transferring to gma 7 at the peak of his career!!! but having sid that, at least this time around, the new franchise holder will listen to the yearning of pageant fans to get a filipino evening gown designer. its about time! but your news is a shocker ha, norms.

      • I suppose Madame Stella will eventually have to relinquish the Miss Universe franchise at some point — she is, after all, turning 76 this year. And especially since her BBP compatriot Pitoy Moreno, the Filipino fashion czar, recently turned in his retirement. With three recent back-to-back top 5 placements in the Miss Universe pageant in her cap, this may be the opportune time for Madame to voluntarily pass on the torch.

      • Agree, Glenn. The Madame has practically devoted the prime years of her life to Bb. Pilipinas, and it is time to pass the baton to a new franchise holder. At least, she is at the helm when the resurgence of the Philippines in Miss Universe took place.

  8. Though gma and bpci were partner in previous years to crown bbp,abscbn and rpn managed to broadcast MU.
    I think abscbn did an excellent job.Just like in 2011-12,a special presentation was shown,on how girls were trained (conversation w/ Boy Abunda;catwalk,and poise w/ Lara,etc.)GMA didn’t made any special prior to the finals.
    But I think SMA wont let MU to be transfer in any org..

  9. Mas bet ko kung GMA instead of ABS-CBN ang magfranchise ng Miss Universe-Philippines, just my thought, no offense. =))

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