9 comments on “The Bb. Pilipinas 2013 screening schedules

  1. Okay, just a question to add fuel to some people’s fanatasy, let’s say Megan Young shows up… then how does the Miss International and Mestisas argument hold up? Obviously people want to send her to MU but… she’s a half and half and has an English sirname which has been Madame Stella’s (and a few others) criteria for automatically sending the rep to MI. Some are very vocal about sticking to that criteria but… with Megan Young in the mix, how much are you going to stick to that criteria? What if a “Megan Young” type walked in, would you automatically consider her for MI only? Hummmm…

    • Should she show up, then ABS-CBN will throw their full support behind the girl. And that could mean one thing…a mestiza could represent us in MU. And a celebrity at that.

      A beautiful but unknown mestiza is still likely to be considered first for MI. 😉

      • I’m all for that. What a bounty of beauties there are this year!!!

    • The last thing I heard is that her existing contracts are being checked if there will be no obstacles. That’s as far as I’m saying about her. 😉

      • Why can’t she just directly confirm it herself, and say that she’s submitted an application? I mean everyone else seems to have done that already and Megan’s not the only one with contracts that need to be looked at. I’m wary of publicity stunts and this one’s starting to smell like one (like last year) .

      • Glenn, the girl is taking her sweet time. For all we know, she might have already secretly filed an application, ready to be pulled out of the files should everything be green and go.

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