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  1. ms.universe depende sa taste ng judges, I dont see anywrong phillippnes sending mestiza sa ms.universe.. yeah true bbp sending mestiza sa ms.international & they end up semi finalist.. pero in reality our 4 winners sa ms.international are not caucasian beauty at all!

  2. You guys are overanalyzing what is so simple.
    Being a beauty queen is not just about a skin color.
    It’s how you can influence and inspire other people.
    So whatever skin color you have,as long as you have a heart to serve and a strong mind to show to people, then you can be a Mistress este a beauty queen.

    Janina San Miguel,69, Arayat Pampanga!

  3. By experience, in most years, miss universe do not favor heavily ” mestizas” like malaysia’s deborah henry and kimberly legget although they showed flawless performances during their respected years and were in almost every psgeant forums list of faves. In the Phils case, i think were doing the right thing of sending really pinay looking girls of malay ethnicity with a just a lil touch of foreign blood, not as overwhelmingly ” caucasian” as those that we send for miss intermational. we cant blame BPCI, for miss international usually favors girls with doll like features ( ex. polish and finnish candidates, ecuadorian winner, etc) or those with really striking and distinct features ( like melanie marquez , and the winner from spain in 89 or 90) . I guess when we started sending “mestiza” beauties, most of them were able to penetrate the semis. Lara Quigaman just had the X factor. although shes distinctively pinay, for me , she wasnt a typical beauty that miss international is known to look for, but she just had that winner’s aura.

  4. when i see her and I mean Imelda, or Nicole, or Krista or Melody, I automatically think Ms International and not because my mind has been pre-conditioned that half-caucasians or mestizas should belong to Ms International, but that in truth, I just don’t see them as really MU contenders. And you just know, undefinable that maybe yes, but somehow almost clearly defined in the minds (and guts) of pageant afficionadoes. At a glance, you can measure up a girl’s chances and to rank them accordingly and of course MU is tops- but rankings aside, it doesn’t I diminish I believe, the importance of other crowns. But yes, when we brand a girl as more fitting for Miss Intl, it’s telling her, ” we think you’re not beautiful enough for the top crown but guess what, we’d love you just the same if you win the crown you were given.” Do we?

    • You can put it that way, Frankie. Of course, we also want to adhere to BPCI’s constant reminders that the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe and Bb. Pilipinas-International crowns are of equal importance. But who are we kidding, right? Miss International will always exist under the shadows of Miss Universe first and Miss World second. 😉

  5. Norman — I’m one of those who feel bewildered as to why Philippine delegates who are half-European “mestizas” are deemed more appropriate for Miss International — especially since all four of the Philippine winners — i.e., Cruz, Pijuan, Marquez and Quigaman — don’t fit that profile at all. Perhaps it may be time to revisit that assumption?

    • Glenn, top of my head explanation regarding this matter is that, for the past two decades, the Philippines has not sent a mestiza of 50% Caucasian lineage to Miss Universe. The same follows for Miss World, save for Queenie Rehman and Marie-Ann Umali (who may look mestizas, but are actually half-Pakistani and half-Lebanese, respectively). So where do we send the beautiful half-Americans or half-Europeans? It may seem that Miss International has become the default overseas assignment for them, as evidenced by the likes of Nicole Schmitz, Melody Gersbach (+), Krista Kleiner, Collette Glazer, Susan Jane Ritter, Alice Dixson, Sabrina Artadi, Nadia Shami, and Yedda Kittilsvedt. It may be a mindset or typecasting for BPCI as well as pageant enthusiasts (myself included). 🙂

      • Norman, Yes, it appears that this is what has happened. Miss International has become the default, go-to pageant for Philippine delegates with overtly European surnames. I think it would be refreshing to see a change in tactic this year and see what happens, don’t you think?

      • Why not? And this is why the likes of Charmaine Elima can also be worthy Bb. Pilipinas International titleholders despite the clamor of several individuals that she should be molded for Miss Universe instead.

      • True. And with so many stunning candidates this year it would be the perfect opportunity to start thinking out of the box especially since there’s a surplus of beauties to pick from!

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