5 comments on “The future of Aces & Queens looks bright with Patch & Julia

  1. Mamang, I have a question na matagal ko nang gustong itanong sayo.
    I know you are a loyal Kapuso,but I wanna know your opinion as a beauty pageant expert.
    Here are my hypothetical questions?

    If Marian Rivera will be our Miss Universe representative, what are her chances?
    Let’s say that she’s 5’9″ in height and her mouth and tounge will be changed, will she enter the semis? And if, will she penetrate the top5?
    And if she did’nt, you think she’ll trap the semifinalists in the comfort room and release them after two hours.
    What are her chances of winning the Miss Congeniality award, given her sweet personality and tactful mouth.
    And finally, magtaray kaya sya pagdating sa Q/A?
    I really wanna see Marian in Miss Universe, just imagine intro pa lang e hyper na,

    Marrrrrrrian Rrrrrrrrrrrrrriverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra, 39, Fhiliffinesssssssssssssss!

    • If Marian was taller (like 5’8″ at least), not as popular yet and willing to be trained according to my standards, then why not? She has one of the most beautiful faces in Philippine showbiz right now and it would be a big waste if she won’t represent us in Miss U. She will rock Donald Trump’s world for sure. 🙂

      • Yes Sharon, Marian is a degree holder.
        As Marian said, “I’m a Psychology”.
        Very smart, who would have thought that a comfort room can be used as jail to trap her rival.
        Very nice girl!

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