3 comments on “Cassandra Naidas will bring her A-game to Bb. Pilipinas 2013

  1. She’s the typical Korean girl that Korea has been sending in MU or other beauty pageants. At first glance I thought I’ve seen her already but never heard of her. I wanna see how she performs since these pics alone aren’t enough to dismiss her. But this gal doesn’t excite me at all. I don’t feel anything. I want a genuine Filipina look or Latina looking one compare to Asian Oriental since we have Spanish blood running through our veins. Yeah, I guess Sharon and I share same observations. Lacking the it factor. However, Aces & Queens know a lot better!

  2. If she has the heart to serve and a strong mind to show to people, then she can be a Binibini.
    If she wins, I hope she can influence and inspire lawmakers to pass a law concerning surfing, because the best wave is the wave that we waited for.
    I Thank You!

  3. Norman — There’s something about Cassandra that makes me think that she’s the type who does very well during closed-door interviews and that her communication and interpersonal skills will set her apart. She may not be the most photogenic of the candidates — I agree — but this isn’t about choosing Miss Photogenic. One cannot truly gauge a person’s substantive beauty by photographs alone but by engaging with them face to face — that is why beauty pageants like Miss Universe consider their one-on-one interviews with candidates the most critical phase of their selection process. I’m confident Cassandra will shine in this regard. And although I wouldn’t call Cassandra “pageant pretty”, her facial beauty is classically oriental — timeless, serene and it has substance — she should cultivate it, rather than camouflage it. Her statuesque physique at 5’10” is the extra icing on the cake.

    PS: I’d like to see her try on occasion a different hairstyle, however — like Gloria Diaz’s 1969 striking and very Asian jet black straight hair-do — so her entire face can be appreciated fully — without those distracting side bangs. It’s the look I personally prefer when it comes to showcasing East Asian beauties.

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