6 comments on “The JDV Girls: Who’s in? Who’s out?

  1. I like Mercegrace a lot… I think she’s absolutely beautiful with gorgeous, exotic Pilipina looks! I honestly think that if she wins BB Universe 2013… she can definitely be another fave to win the crown.

    Norman, from all the girls, you mentioned and highlighted, so far my personal favorites to win BB Universe 2013 are:
    1. Mercegrace Raquel
    2. Pia Romero Wortzbach
    3. Anna Fernandina Buquid
    4. Maria Gigante (if she runs and I hope she does!)

    Any of these girls can win Miss Universe 2013 for the Philippines!! I’m hoping, praying and cheering that Miss Philippines takes home the crown.

  2. Norman — Yes, the exotically dark and beautiful Mercegrace leads this pack and — as you say — she makes quite the ideal candidate. Second would be Valiry Vispo — she has the ideal height (5’10”) for an international pageant. Her perfect posture and ideal body proportions — especially that long lean torso — quickly draw your attention over the other three. Quite an improvement from her MWP photos from last year I’d say. I wish all four of them the best of luck.

  3. To be honest I thought Respicio was a dusky morena based on her pics that circulated before. Really suprised to find that she’s a mestiza. Nonetheless, she’s stunning!

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