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  1. 2010-venus-indian beauty, 2011-shamcey-latina beauty,2012-janine pinay beauty & 2013- caucasian/too mestiza beauty! alam ko may mga ayaw na mestiza ang ipadala bb.pilipinas universe kpg may nakita mestiza sasabihin nila pang ms.international,, sasabihin ng iba baka magaya teo sa thailand & malaysia.. panahon pa ng ms.carnibal queen ng pinas puro mestiza ang nanalo, spanish mestiza, american mestiza, philippines is melting pot of diff race, among asia philippines has the highest no.of euresian , ameresian mixed!! kung baga kaya hindi napasok ang kandidata ng 2 asian nabanggit.. hindi yun ang tunay na beauty ng bansa nila.. kung baga nagpilit sila gumaya sa mga latina..PARANG TH ang naging dating nila kaya hindi napansin.. sa pinas kahit tisay ang ipadala dala dala pa rin ang kultura at beauty ng pinay…

    • I wonder…Had there been a very mestiza Philippines rep. in Miss Universe ever? If there were any, how did they fare? Margie Moran and Gloria Diaz are not mestiza, aren’t they? I mean not the type of having Caucasian features. I wonder if anyone of you out there would like this idea. Just a thought. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

      • Someone correct me if I’m wrong…
        1963: Lalaine Bennett/half-American 3rd RU
        1967: Pilar Pilapil/half-American unplaced
        1985: Joyce Ann Burton/half-Brit unplaced
        1989: Sara Jane Davis Paez/half-Spanish, part-American unplaced
        The list is short actually. And not very encouraging.

      • Records speak for itself. Save for the 3rd Runner Up finish of Bennet, who isn’t actually a half-half but a descendant of American Military from 18th Century who married a provincial lass ( Isabela Province) and lived happily ever after in the Philippines.

  2. Norman — For whatever reason(s) BPCI may have in continuing to extend their “deadline” (is it third time’s the charm?) — it either makes their entire organization look disorganized, unprofessionally sloppy and inept — or it makes them look as if they’re grasping at straws unhappy with their current crop of applicants and desperately waiting for that ideal applicant to come knocking on their doorstep. Either way — and sad to say — that this looks bad. And those applicants who diligently met the original deadline DESERVE BETTER than this. BPCI’s matriarch should know better and stop this type of pageant tyranny and ineptocracy immediately. She may enjoy flaunting whatever power and whimsy she THINKS she has over her little kingdom, but honestly — it’s a big downer on everyone else’s morale to the point that maybe someday people will get to the point of not caring at all.

  3. With this extended brouhaha, I expect nothing but the greatest show Bb. Pilipinas ever in their 50 years history! And I expect that this year’s batch will be more pleasing than last year. Having extended twice, in the end I hope I’d say “it’s worth the wait”. Say that BBPI is waiting for SOMEBODY– ln the name of Maegan Young. I’d personally liked the idea, but names coming from last year’s group of lovelies excite me no more. It is only Janine whom I supported when she decided a second try because I felt strongly for her as I envisioned her coming up against Latinas in MU12.

  4. norman, ano ikinakatakot mo with the extension? do you feel that theorganizers are waiting for somebody ( like elaine moll or ali forbes) to confirm their psrticipation again, or that they dont see their potential ” favorite contestant” yet?

    • personally, ive seen maybe 2 or 3 standouts , like buquid and charmagne. but nobody whos as stunning as shamcey or venus. well, we all know by now that beauty queen can be enhanced naman just like janine.

    • My impatience (not fear) stems from the possibility that they’re waiting for someone whose commitment to join is forced or pressured. Otherwise, if the extension is due to the length of time needed to make a comprehensive examination of the applicants’ “moral” background, existing endorsement contracts and citizenship documents, then fine. Better to make disqualifications early in the game than when the O.C.s have already been announced. 😉

  5. If only for the lack of deserving candidates who will complete the 50 contenders, I am all for it. It certainly adds jitters and excites me to no end as they say, ” the more, the merrier”. If I may add, “the prettier, the better”. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the schedule of the pageant which is definitely going to move to late summer instead of the original scheduled slated in March. I only wish that it will not change so this excitement wont prolong. If may add again “the sooner, the better”!

      • I’m beginning to suspect that these deadline “extensions” might be intentional on the part of the BPCI. Talk about whipping up a frenzy for their Golden Anniversary. On the one hand I guess they might just have succeeded. On the other hand they better have one helluva pageant and this year’s queens better exceed our expectations.

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