5 comments on “Zandra Flores: Kagandahang Flores

  1. i am sorry but she WAS a RENOWNED bully and SPOILED DIVA at St. Wilfrids Catholic High School.
    She might have apologised in high schoolBUT she stated in her final year of St. Wilfrids that OFWs were came from poor backgrounds and she was fortunate to come from a more privileged filipino background and living in the uk.
    and did she really graduate from Bradford? if people don’t know she might have just passed with a 50% to obtain her degree (the pass percentage is 40% which I might add even a bimbo can get.)

  2. Norman — I just learned that Zandra was pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences when she was a student at Bradford in the UK — a positive indicator of intelligence at least. And even with her rather thick make-up (above photo) I can see that she has a beautiful bone structure underneath all that. Wouldn’t it be great to see all the applicants sans little or no make-up so we can see what they ACTUALLY look like?

    • Agree, Glenn. Seeing them with just the lightest of make-up on should set apart the naturally beautiful from the beautifully enhanced.

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