6 comments on “Marilag Sadicon: will the brainy UP student shine in BBP2013?

  1. Marilag,simple yet regal true FIlipina beauty with brain, young,fresh,beautiful ,talented..you have everything with your guts and courage you will stand and shine among the rest!MArilag Buenaventura Sadicon…you will launch a thousand ship…:)

  2. Marilag, tall and fair-tan complexioned is a true Filipina beauty. It is an understatement to say she is poised because she is rega! She is brainy and multi-talented– an actress, a director, a scriptwriter, name it. She is fluent, articulate and eloquent. Honestly, she will give those old-timers and other hopefuls a run for their money!

  3. I think she’s a little too raw… she’s got some more grooming and maturing to do I think! Like Bodine Koehler from Puerto Rico last year, the baby face might hurt her.

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