9 comments on “What are the chances of Anna Buquid without a beauty camp behind her?

  1. Norman: I think Anna will fare very well even without the backing of a beauty camp. With many highly competitive candidates in this year’s batch this could mean that a candidate’s intellectual capacity, communication and interpersonal skills will play a bigger role than ever as the selection process unfolds.

    So far, three girls have impressed me with their academic credentials (Please feel free to correct any of my info below which I gathered from various sources online in case any of it is inaccurate or just plain wrong):

    Mercegrace Raquel (University of the Philippines, Math & Sciences major)
    Cassandra Naidas (De La Salle University, Psychology grad)
    Arielle Arida (University of the Philippines, Chemistry grad)

    Another thing — candidates with a background in either communications, client services, or a background in the entertainment industry will possess an edge in interpersonal skills:

    Shaun Apuad — Mass Communications grad
    Anna Buquid — Diplomatic and Consular Services
    Charmaine Elima — Hospitality Services Management
    Theresa Fenger — Canadian professional entertainer
    Cindy Miranda — Filipino TV personality
    Pia Wurtzbach — Filipino TV personality

    And lastly, candidates capable of speaking more than one international language get extra brownie points:

    Kaye Michelle Agnes — also a Nursing grad — speaks fluent Spanish
    Pia Wurtzbach — speaks fluent German

    The TEN girls I’ve named above I predict will do very well (assuming my research on their individual backgrounds is accurate).

  2. Very beautiful and smart! I hope she wins and so we can be proud of our country once again.

  3. Isabella Manjon back in 2011 joined Bb. Without the patronage of a beauty camp. This until she was adopted by Rodgil Flores’ group. Personally I think as long as one is determined to win, work hard for it and of course has the looks and brains ,camp or no camp, she can make it when the going gets tough.

  4. Once in a blue moon that we find a delegate as tall as her,Miss Universe stage would be glad to accomodate her.
    Kung si Janine ay kasama kong maligo sa batis, kami naman ni Anna ay mag-aararo sa Buquid.

  5. Georgeous! Real beauty queen in physical appearance. Hope she is smart in Q&A portion to impress the judges to get one of the coveted crowns.

  6. Almost 6 feet tall and attractive without any formal backing? Someone snatch her up quick!!! She could be a great contender. After grooming, polishing, and conturing, she could be a great force on the international stage. Hope someone is paying attention to her…

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