13 comments on “Maria Gigante: should she give Bb. Pilipinas a try as well?

  1. Hi. I would like to share some things that has happened to me . Maria Gigante scammed me out of $4000 Australian dollars. I meet her on a online dating site. I have all the docoments that this is true. Look me up on Facebook and i will send you a copy Dooey Shiers , i live in Adelaide

    • Better make sure she is the same Maria, Darren. $ 4000 is not a joke. If you can prove she did it, I will help you even if I am his dad. Post all transactions here to prove your allegations. Give your complete address and will ask our lawyer to contact you. But if you are just there to just destroy people, you cannot do that.

  2. Being a philosophy student, I think she could answer well as long as she does not get her nerves over her. She’s one of those exotic looking gals from Cebu who I think could be stunning on stage.

  3. Another strong candidate! She has the good foundation to begin with. The face of a Pinay without make up. Instantly turns into a fierce Latina- looking lady when fully made up!

  4. She’s very, very, pretty – her features are definitely Pinay. Just saw the coronation of Miss Cebu 2013 on You-tube and honestly, my eyes were drawn to this girl. With some training – catwalk, body, and most importantly poise and public speaking, she can possibly be another fave at the 2013 Miss Universe. In the three profile, face pics, she looks very exotic, looking a bit like Kim Kardashian (who, btw.. is a knock out) so this could play in her favor. Wish her the best of luck!

  5. YES YES YES !!!! she is beautiful and exotic and all that…. but has any of you seen the miss cebu pageant? this girl BOMBED BIG TIME! she pulled a janina san miguel! she just laugh and laugh and couldnt even answer not one but TWO q and a questions…. !!!!! watch it on youtube and see if you would even dare have this girl represent philippines after janine’s stellar performance in miss u. it would be utterly embarassing if this girl even dare to enter bb. pilipinas.

    • Nerves got the better of this newbie, admittedly, on the coronation night. This Philo major at the University of San Carlos is otherwise is a very articulate young lady who’ll be a national asset someday. I’ll put my bet on her after a year (technically, all of the Miss Cebu court can not join anymore any other pageant during their reign) so that will give ample time for Maria to polish her big guns and shine.

  6. She looks far more attractive and younger with less make up on, IMO. Her natural features are almost obliterated with the rather thick exaggerated make up she’s wearing in her other photos to the point that her real face has become almost unrecognizable.

  7. Why not? She is a looker and can turn heads! Geeeesh… if she does join the other stunners that have submitted their applications, this is going to be one heck of a year for our country!!! Crowning is going to be a VERY tough decision. I hope the judges have their heads on straight when the time comes for crowning the winners. I do not envy the judges. They have some very tough decisions to make… Of course, there is the Madame Stella’s influence on their decisions so I hope she has her head screwed on straight as well.

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