4 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1: Week #10 Update…Motion Impossible: Stop Jessica!

  1. Loove Asia’s Next Top Model. The first few episodes were “so-so”. I thought the show wouldn’t work in an Asian setting as Asian women are typically shy (hence, they are not the catty types, unlike the girls in ANTM who are expressive and frank) But after a while, the show caught up. We see these personalities coming out and the story arcs were developing superbly. I wish Stephanie well of course (all – out support for my fellow Pinay) but honestly, she hasn’t been doing that well compared to Jessica, Kate and Sophia.

  2. Awwwww!!! I like Aastha!!! I was hoping she’d get her confidence on right through to the final 2.

    And Stephanie!

    “Having 9 lives” is an apt description of her stint there, but I wonder how long she’ll be able to squeeze by elimination?

    I think Aastha and Stephanie are similar in so many ways: beautiful, photographs well, but they just don’t have the personality & oomph that the others have, Kate & Sophia, to be very specific.

    In any case, I wish Stephanir well. Hoping that she could still turn this around, and ultimately win this – Filipino cheering for a fellow Filipino 🙂

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