9 comments on “Pia Romero Wurtzbach: the face of Bb. Pilipinas 2013?

  1. I’m a fan of this girl the first time her photos had been posted here. Her facial beauty elicits nuances. I saw Heart Evangelista in one pic and the photo above reminds me of Pilar Pilapil ( I guess because of her cleft chin). If World title was retained–I’d definitely want her for that.

  2. I think she is absolutely beautiful! First glance at her photos I was like “yes”, this could possibly be the girl to take home the Miss Universe 2013 crown back to the Philippines. Her beauty epitomizes the true beauty of a Pilipina even though her last name isn’t Filipino. I have great instinct on the pageant contestants and say she can be a favorite if she wins BB Universe 2013.

  3. Although it appears unfair that Philippine candidates with European surnames or very European looks always end up with the BB International title — this is not so much about “racism” on the part of the BPCI (if you can even call it that), but rather about positioning and matching the right candidate to the appropriate pageant.

    A candidate’s NAME — like it or not — has a subliminal impact on how a judge perceives the candidate whether they admit it or not. This, like all other attributes, may have positive or negative repercussions. For example, while Asian candidates with European surnames or looks may not do well in Miss Universe, similar Asian candidates with European pedigrees may fare much better in Miss International or Miss World. Whatever the reasons behind this, it is obvious that each of the major international pageants have its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to picking its winners.

    No doubt the BPCI has taken all this into account and has developed its own set of assumptions and methodologies based on its 50-year experience on how it fields its candidates internationally. But racism? I think not.

  4. Unquestionably, her face is a goddess.
    But IMHO, I think her face is forgettable.
    Just like Kim and Farida, beautiful faces but left unnoticed and ended up as clappers.

  5. She looks short from her reported 5’8″ height. Honestly, I’m not completely in awe of the way she registers in photos but I’m sure she will figure out as one of the last girls left standing on coronation night – with or without the hype.

  6. As much as I hate to say this (and please, this is not said with malice), but we all know where Madame Stella regulates all (fair skinned) mestisas to, especially those with “foreign” last names – Miss International. Especially those that really should have gone to Miss Universe. As beautiful as Pia is, with a name like Wurtzbach, she’s “doomed” to Miss International. Don’t get me wrong, I like Miss International. I just feel that Madame Stella has wasted so many (fair skinned) mestisas there. There have been a couple, or more, that really could have made their mark at Miss Universe but alas, it was Miss International for the foreign sounding mestisas. Sigh…

    • Perhaps Pia should use the Spanish style of using their mother’s maiden name last, behind their dad’s surname. Examples: Miss Universe 1974 “Amparo Munoz Quesada”, or Miss Universe 1986 “Barbara Palacios Teyde” — their mother’s surname was placed LAST after their dad’s surname. In which case (assuming Moreno is her mom’s maiden name) Pia’s pageant name would read: “Pia Wurtzbach Romero”. Sounds more appropriate for a Philippine candidate IMO.

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