15 comments on “Bea, Parul and Charmaine: Another three for the Bb. Pilipinas road

  1. Chairmaine Elima clearly she stood out! (She’s like MJ) total package but “hmmm fishy smelly SMA might rob this beautiful girl” .. just my opinion we all know SMA believed on a process of transformation.

  2. kay bea rose ako . finally nasa pinas na cya .abangan nalang natin .. go bea rose santiago

  3. Ara Arida, Bea Santiago and Parul Shah are the girls with the most stunning transformation by far so far. Besides the weight loss, their hair and make-up look fresh and sleek. Charmaine Elima is quite a standout but, (am I the only one who sees it?) her huge teeth, particularly the 2 front ones, are slightly off-putting. I hope they develop stronger communication, runway and modeling skills. They should also be trained in glamour poses wearing couture and bathing suits and hopefully they will find what works best for them. I saw some swimsuit stills of Arida. She has a beautiful body although I think her shoulders should be worked out more. Broader shoulders not only make the waist appear smaller, but it also makes for a more regal bearing. Her poses in those pictures though were very amateurish. It also helps to have a photographer and or mentor with a strong eye who can tell a model what looks fierce.

    These ladies, including Shan Apuad and Pia Wurtzbach, have incredible potential. Physically, they photograph well, although like I said, more training is required. However, I do hope they find their voices too. I rrreally wish them the best of luck.

  4. Charmaine Elima looks like she’s got the goods and can hit the ground running. Parul Sha definitely has potential.

  5. Charmaine looks like a winner already. She has it without too much effort. Natural. Parang Bb. Pilipinas na ang aura! She’s on my top list for now. Everything will change of course when I get to see the official candidates.

  6. charmaine a clear standout. i hope that when she wins, she’ll transfer to jonas and be trained like her successful predecessors.

  7. Elima’s still the one to beat,IMHO

    OT: Kuya, do you have any update about the rumors going around yesterday about Belle and Megan finally joining? I know it’s almost “sirang-plaka” na pero bawal bang ma-excite? haha

    Thanks for these updates!

    Ms.Olivia Kulto

    • Olivia, Belle and Megan joining are wild rumors for me. I would love to be proven wrong in this regard. But until anything remotely close to seeing these two ladies actually filing their candidacy happens, then I consider them urban legends. 😉

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