7 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1: Week #9 Update…Sink and Swim or Ship out

  1. haha a lot of helena haters here. btw guys Ive seen in Frinzee.com that Jessica Amornkuldilok is on top. better check it out

  2. Even if I really like Stephanie, I think that she’s actually going down and she needs the best photo for the next photoshoot. :/

  3. Hopefully Helena will watch the show and see how mean she made herself seem. She should stop and think before she slates other people in front of a wide audience.

  4. Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead! Yay!!!
    For me personally, at this point it really doesn’t matter who wins. The remaining ladies seem genuinely nice with a good personality too, so they are all winners either way. Go Jessica, Aastha, Kate, Sofia, Stephanie!!!

    Thanks for the update Sir Norman! 🙂

  5. Me too. I don’t like Helena, in fact she’s the last person I would want to win, being the contestant who says a lot of not-so-nice comments about the others. But I didn’t think she deserved to be eliminated last night. Stephanie was like heading into a downward spiral, so I really thought she was going. Seems to me the rumor that she could be in the final two might be true then. Let’s just hope it’s not pure luck, if it’s true.

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