9 comments on “Just how far did Stephanie Retuya make it in Asia’s Next Top Model?

  1. If stephanie wins asia’s next top model, i WILL NEVER watch asia’s next top model AGAIN, EVER in my life

  2. if stephanie won, she must be a very lucky girl and a survivor as she was almost eliminated many many times.. hahaha.. im a filipino but for me, throughout the show, jessica is better than stephanie

  3. the top 2 competitor was jessica and stephanie. and stephanie won the title. 🙂 wiki already posted it but only last week did the remove it.

  4. Jessica for sure will win the contest… I have seen their performances from the start and Jessica is very amazing… Sorry Stephanie but i can”t see versatility in you.. Your pictures were stunning but not high fashion..Both Jessica and Stephanie have girl-next-door faces but Jessica can transform her aura into a fierce woman….

  5. I think Jessica wins though. She’s the very clear favorite thus far. That photo of Stephanie hugging Tyra might just be because Tyra visited and said hello, not because Stephanie won.

  6. this girl really has potential to make it internationally. if you look at the asian models doing runway in europe and nyc, she has the right look. very light flawless skin, open face and good proportions. she gets made up very well too and can do many looks. even if she loses she has a future

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