41 comments on “Zamboanga City could offer Natasha Julian for BBP2013

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  2. i hope other people won’t judge her too harshly. she’s got everything, looks and all,
    some people judge her according to what they heard from others, but i don’t think it’s fair enough for her, and i don;t think that she deserves to have comments that are too harsh & vulgar, but are all or mostly BASELESS. we are lucky to have her as our representative just in case. she;s got a lot of experiences when it comes to modelling. no matter how rude are the other people’s comment about her, i’ll support her though =)

  3. edward seno is a married man .. is that what she like is adulterer? her model no good look mad or sad face lot of pimple on her face she is not good modeling

  4. I think she’s pretty. I didn’t personally meet her or talk to her. I was in Zamboanga on vacation and one of my family members who lives there pointed her out and I saw her walking around this place next to the beach …Paseo? something like that and she seemed really sweet and obviously a head turner. Good luck Tasha!

  5. nancy leonard represent zamboanga city at ms earth recently i don’t think natasha is in competition

  6. this girl is my good friends ex gf.I don’t think he would appreciate the negative comments about her here..from what I know they were supposed to get married

    • dapat ibalik niya yong lahat mga gamit niya galing kay rem..kahiya cya naman.

      • too bad for you..you happen to met a girl with no self respect..no decent girl will do such a thing to someone..complain all you want..notice how she just disappeared recently? these type of women will burn you in the end sorry to say but its true.they are all pretty face but inside is blah..

  7. Hindi SNOB si natasha, she used to be my schoolmate @ DPLMHS, she’s KIND !!!
    i respect your opinion ANTONIO, pero close ba kayo? kilala mo ba siya ng buong- buo .. kupal man gat bo,she’s talented and brainy.

  8. i know its none of my business Tasha but i just want you to know that i think you are an airhead..i know someone in your circle and not to be a hater of you..everyone here by now knows you met this guy Edward on your OJT working in Cebu from your instagram and fb profiles u keep making..im sure you know he was bragging to everyone here in Cebu how he was gonna “get with you”..i just think you are a dumb naive young lady to be posting pictures on here with an irresponsible father of a 3yr old daughter and his wife who left him (who knows why u would want to be with this guy)..someone who knows u pmd me here because he was a close friend of a friend that knows u ..he told me some things about you and this new guy..its funny seeing u with go off with some guy you just met recently and i heard even his wife Rhea Udal from a rumour laughed when he heard u went after him (yes this Edward on his FB profile was married since 2009)..it might not be true that your other well now ex boyfriend was some rich guy from the united states and that their family knows the owner of that Imperial Palace resort you OJT at..well this friend of mine said he had someone keeping an eye out on you while u were working there without u knowing it.. i heard that Edward recently got demoted at Imperial..how funny is that? retribution may it be..i think u should be ashamed of yourself if you had any self respect for an “aspiring” Philippines beauty model to be with some turd like that…what a wasted opportunity for you….sorry to say 😦

  9. Since when did mestizas win BB Pilipinas And moved on to Miss Universe? In the last few years they have all been morena. ZC is still stuck in old school mentality, get with the times. You cannot represent The PI if you don’t look Filipina.

  10. Tashi has, not only beauty, but also sincere kindness that any Bb Pilipinas candidate must possess. Built with confidence and talent, I am sure she can make it to be the next BBP. Good luck Tashi!

  11. i personally believed that natasha has the potential to be BBP, as she got what it takes to be a beauty queen. as his trainer before i have all my support for her 🙂

  12. well…. i personally would say Tashi is one of the assets of Zamboanga City… and she got all the potential that zamboanga has to offer for BBP2013…
    about a minute ago ·

  13. i personally believe that tashi has the potential to be a beauty queen coz she’s got the beauty and brain to be one! so go go go and 4 sure people from zamboanga will support you!

  14. De donde le aki na zambo?.pde bunita man tamen,.o hala pwde 2 intra,.mn suport lng kame kntigo.aja.

    • natasha julian is a snob..i saw her working at imperial palace hotel in cebu..shes cleaning toilets there working as a maid..shes a scammer dating dom and user..go on her facebook and see for urself..shes a joke

      • bitter comment from a bitter person get a life!!!!!crab mentality is one of the liabilities this guy or gay has! pity! post you pics here then you can tell anyone about their lives, or how snob they are or a maid! successful people started from scratch man!!!!!

      • she is having her OJT there, and i dont think theres wrong about it. just live your own life. at least with her beauty she still keep her feet on the ground

      • whoever you are Antonio, you have to watch for your comments!!!!!that’s so devilish of you!!!!also go have your eyes checked and your heart cleaned for I believed that it is full of bitterness… God bless you!

  15. how about CYNTHIA THOMALLA from southern leyte ??? gawan nyo po ng review un kc i believe shes o Goddes 😀 lol

  16. Norman — I agree with you. Natasha has a lot of potential. Her flawless complexion, height and excellent body proportions are her most obvious physical assets.

    • Tasha or Natasha has it all for beauty..After watching all her pics,pictorials ,ramps &contests,I must say,She is very refine,elegant & professional in her endeavors.She got a superior manner to perfect her personality.In as much as many loves her, many are her fans around,but in the other end some are destroying her.sad to hear….Just wanted to say..”Detractors,you are not here to stay forever”

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