10 comments on “Monika Sta. Maria: a superbod for Binibini?

  1. If she does enter, hands down Miss Universe 2013 will love her! She reminds me of a doll! She is aesthetically pleasing to the eye! No crude pun! A definite Miss Universe Philippines and A Miss Universe. She also looks like someone who could be versatile. She would be amazing to mold as a representative to these international pageants.

  2. oh wow saw her interview on youtube with sharon and i must say i was impressed! i love her already hope she joins!

  3. A lady to beat also. If only BBPs official candidates are 5’9 atleast and of mixed race, amazona fest it is…

    Via MebApp.com

  4. Kuyang, please feature our co-bulakenya, Maryjoyce Respicio.
    I think she has lots of potentials, afterall she’s the Reyna ng Bulacan 2012.
    I heard that she’s the official entry of Bulacan for the upcoming screening of BBP.

  5. With that face,body and brain(DLSU) i think we have found the one! Monika Sta Maria is definitely a winner if she will intend to join BB.Pilipinas…but she still have a few more years to left if she wants to finish her studies first.But for me a definite winner in all areas with the proper training and attitude.I’ve watched her interview with sharon cuneta in TV5..She can express herself very well..lokks very down to earth as well.I am a believer in her great potentials.

  6. Norman — There you go! “Sta. Maria” is as Marian a surname as you can get. But seriously, I think she’ll be a serious contender for a title at MUP/BBP. If not, at MWP.

    • What’s more coincidental is that my scheduled posting about Monika Sta. Maria followed Philip’s sharing of the ‘Marian’ connection yesterday. Not on purpose whatsoever.

      • We may be on to something here with this “Maria” thing… something to ponder. She is a great possibility. We’ll see if this “Maria” thingy proves itself!

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