14 comments on “With a name like Unique, this girl can easily stand out

  1. I’m open for all the possibilities but why not throw some fuel on the fire and really get everyone going? In this case, I’ll strike the match! HA!

    Regardless of who Janine’s successor is, I’ll support her whether her last name start with a “U” or any letter of the American/Filipino/Latin/Greek or whatever alphabet. She’ll need all our support considering the follow up act she has to give. I don’t envy the pressure she’ll have….

  2. With her height and physical credentials plus her experience and placements in two noteworthy local pageants, 2013 might just be her year. And who knows, Unique just might be able to pull a nice surprise like Elaine Moll did last year and end up representing the Phlippines in Poland at the Supranational where the taller candidates seem to be favored (note that all of Miss Supranational 2012’s top 5 were all taller than 5’9″).

  3. Of all the “possibilities” you have shown so far, Unique is my favorite. Nice… However, I have this feeling that BBP and MUO are looking for candidates that have a college degree and some sort of honors behind them – just a passing thought and observation.

    Slight change of subject for a moment… Having read your article about a possible BbP 2013 having a surname that starts with a “U” to keep our “lucky streak” alive and all the responses it got, may I throw in another possiblity? The name Maria, Mari, et.al. seems to also have a connection. Shamcey may be the exception, however, I did read somewhere where Marie/Maria is somewhere in her name (that could be wrong). Miriam is a derivitive of Maria/Marie/Mari/Mary so there is that connection and I believe that Venus and Janine also have that name (Marie, et.al.) in their names. So perhaps the answer is not in the letter “U” but in the name Maria or any of its derivitives. Hummmm…

    • The ‘Marian’ connection is certainly a welcome addition to our already growing list of ‘theories’ for BBP2013, Philip. 😉

      • Please stop those theories, ang lakas maka-Madame Auring!
        Tandaan natin na ang mga bituin ay gabay lamang, tayo ang gumagawa ng ating kapalaran.
        Baka nga magulat pa tayo,at sumambulat sa mukha natin na si Marian Rivera pala ang susunod na Miss Universe!

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