4 comments on “Kaye Michelle Agnes: One More Try?

  1. This Bicolana is gorgeous!So why is her name nowhere in the list of official candidates this year?It’s insane! 🙂

  2. I thought she had a lot of potential last year at MWP (and she still does). I’d like to see her compete for a BBP title and see how she lands on her feet. Definitely worth a try.

  3. Next to Jordan, she was the prettiest in last year’s MWP. Her obvious nosejob won’t do her any favors in her quest for one of the BBP crowns, though.

    • We each have our own opinions and certainly beauty that comes naturally is a blessing. But for those with less than perfect features having had a nose job to improve their facial beauty shouldn’t bar them from winning a crown as long as the procedure is done aesthetically and with moderation.

      Dayana Mendoza (MU ’08), Stefania Fernandez (MU ’09) and Ivian Sarcos (MW ’11) are just a few examples of international beauty queens who’ve had nose jobs and rightly so. Their “after” pictures (especially in Ivian Sarcos’ case) definitely show why they needed to undergo the procedure and their handlers’ judgment in guiding them through it proved to be right. Obviously their nose jobs were not a hindrance at all to being viable candidates – and in fact, their new noses obviously played a part in their success – and to which obviously neither the judges nor the respective pageant organizations did not mind at all.

      As for Kaye Michelle Agnes’ nose (if indeed she had a nose job or not because to me it looks natural), I say well done. Her nose looks great on her. I guess I’m just one of those who believe that a beauty candidate should use every available ammo at her disposal — be it cosmetic surgery, an interpreter, rigorous physical training and diet, additional schooling, speech training, acting lessons, etc. — you name it as long as these tools are used intelligently, are not illegal, and gives the candidate that extra edge that propels her forward — then by all means she should use them.

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