15 comments on “If I could only nominate one Miss Universe Philippines 2013, Isabelle Daza would be it!

  1. I’m gonna drop all my bets so far just to support my long cherished dream of Isabelle Daza joining Binibini. I don’t wanna lose hope. If this is gonna be her last year because of age limit requirement, then, she still has one more week to decide.

  2. norman i think there is a big chance isabelle daza MIGHT really join bb pilipinas! watch this

  3. Norm, thank you for hearing my plea. I have asked for this on a separate post and I am so glad to see this one came out. Im with you in supporting this lad and I would agree with Glenn. Her decision would matter most. Its not about winning the tilt but the courage that we will love the most. Ms. Daza our support is with you, so go for it!

  4. she’s my bet for philippines representative for ms.univrese 2013, beautiful face, a filipina beauty that will stand among the rest..

  5. Legal matters are at stake, she’s under the management of GMA 7 and we all know that Binibini is in other network.
    And I don’t think that Isabel have that courage to take the pressure of a four-feat win and the shadow of her mom’s title.
    She has it all but I think her communication skills and personality are poor.
    I heard her speak,she struggles with her English.
    And we all see her in a noontime show,no one will disagrre if I say that she’s boring.
    I’m not against her, I know that being boring and communication skills can be polished,but legal matters and the boiling pressure are points to be considered.

    • “She has it all but I think her communication skills and personality are poor.” –
      I know for a fact that Isabelle was raised in an english-speaking household so I doubt that she lacks communication skills. She even know how to speak French. In addition, I honestly think that she just got the right personality for a potential beauty queen…

      Olivia Kulto

  6. Happy New Year everyone! Great year ender blog Norman! I wonder what’s at the back of Isabelle’s mind for her reluctance,What does it take for her to realize that she can bring home that elusive crown? What can we do to convince her that she is backed by supporters? I for one will second the nomination Norman. Great reply by the way Glenn.

    • Jeff: Thank you. What can we do to convince her? I think Isabelle needs to be reassured that winning isn’t everything. That representing her country in the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world is a victory in and of itself because she will be making history just by being there. And if she is able to do just that — to carry the Philippine sash with dignity and grace as her mom did 44 years ago — then that is all we could hope for and ask of her. And if she wins? Then that is part of her destiny which I hope she does not walk away from.

  7. Norman: Your sentiments on Isabelle echo not only mine but also those of the countless souls who have held vigil to the hope that one day this reluctant but apparent heiress may finally decide to take upon herself the queen mother’s mantle and fight the good fight. It may be the most difficult challenge of her life for as there is much to be gained in victory the potential loss also comes at a great price.

    Should she decide to walk away from her destiny and forego the chance of repeating history by winning back her mother’s crown, dare I say that the ghosts of the “what ifs” and the “what might have beens” will follow her the rest of her life like a dark cloud that covers a kingdom. But should she decide to step into that ring whether she wins or she loses at least in her heart of hearts she’ll be able to say that she put up the good fight — a woman unafraid to face her destiny.

    But the clock is ticking. Isabelle turns 25 in 2013 and she has to make the decision or else forever relinquish that dream. For when she turns 26 in 2014 at the stroke of midnight the pageant ball dims and the carriage of her destiny turns into a pumpkin. And there will be no turning back the clock. Indeed 2013 is Isabelle’s year of destiny. I hope she grabs it by the horns with determination and never look back. And whatever happens on that pageant stage — win or lose — she will always have my support and admiration for having had the courage to walk in her mother’s footsteps. I hope she makes the right decision. Soon.

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