10 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1: Week #6 Update…..Hair apparent

  1. episode 7.. Goodbye Melissa.. too bad Helena didn’t go. I was hoping for her to go home but on the other hand, she’s the one who makes me interested in watching ANTM.. hehe

    • If the spoilers are to be trusted, I don’t want an announcement coming from me, Genesis. Regardless, I still enjoy watching the show inspite of the snooty aura of Nadya, Todd’s disinterested disposition and Daniel’s easy-to-provoke temperament.

      I go out of my way to make these updates because there seems to be a lot of people who miss the weekly eps on TV. Thanks! 😉

      • Heyho Uniqueangelica!

        Hmm.. The last I checked the winner was revealed but now that they’ve removed it (TBA as shown) I’m crossing my fingers it was MAJOR TYPO ERROR and as mentioned by Sir Norman, if the spoilers are to be trusted at all!
        But if the results are true, I’m hoping the “winner” made a major boo-boo like Angelea from ANTM All Star Cycle, thus the removal of reults from the link for now.. hehehe.. One can still hope!

        So the last I saw from the site was 1st Hkg 2nd Jpn.. 😦

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