10 comments on “Imelda Schweighart, aka Imee Hart: another Binibini wannabe?

  1. if the next Miss UNIVERSE or Miss International is held in Asia, i like her chances to win Binibining Pilipinas.

  2. She is fetching indeed but we are looking with a native Filipina look… If she will join to BBP 2013 she is Miss International hopeful.

  3. Norm, sorry i know this is way off..have you heard any news about Isabel Daza. Her mom once said, we are looking into that (referring to Isabel joining BP) on a certain interview. Miss Gloria said it though with a clever smile, but im eagear to know if they are pushing for it or that was intended plainly as a joke. hmmmm. any thoughts on this wud be appreciated.mwah

  4. nothing against this cute charmer, but this lad doesnt have the filipina look which we are looking. She is pretty – no doubt. Thinking about Janine’s MU bestfriend Ms.Indonesia, this face will camouflage with other girls. Im still go for a distinct Fil-beauty

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