8 comments on “Charo Ronquillo: could she be a potential Bb. Pilipinas 2013 joiner?

  1. Charo would make an excellent candidate if she decides to join BBP in 2013. She’ll be 25 next year, however, so the clock is ticking and she better make that decision quick. International pageants, unfortunately, don’t look too kindly on those over that perceived ripe-old age of 26 (paging Deborah Henry and Sahar Biniaz). And Jeff (above) raises a valid question — would she be motivated enough to join a pageant and be willing to go through the ordeal? I mean, she’s already made a great career out of being an international model so why aspire to win a national pageant? Typically it’s the pageant winner who aspires for a career as an international model — not the other way around.

  2. Dunno but i prefer a ‘dayana mendoza’ vibe, fun in q&a. And s0me0ne wh0 excels in sch00l also, highly trainable.

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  3. Charo has the pinay features, the body, the catwalk skills, personality and charm or perhaps a little tweaking here and there wouldn’t harm her cross over from ramp and print modelling to stage contests. Does she want to join? Is she ready to face the intrigues, the bashers and the pressures? Can somebody ask Janine’s mom for her prediction? (just kidding!)

  4. Hi Kuya Norman!

    While I’m proud of all the accomplishments Charo has achieved as a “Filipina” top model, I feel that she’s not made for beauty pageants. Ive seen her countless times now from different fashion shows and I don’t see anything special from her – plus, her communication is beyond lackluster 😦 She speaks like Ali Forbes but is definitely better than Janina San Miguel…. In addition, her personality’s too bland. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve nothing against Chat but she’s no beauty queen material IMHO.

    There are a lot of potentials from 2011 / 2012 BBP and I thought some of them could try it once more…

    Merry Christmas Kuya!

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