10 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1: Week #5 Update…Mean? What do you mean?

  1. Thanks for the quick updates Norman, You really helped people who didn’t have the time to watch the show on TVs.


  2. Regardless of the results, Daniel Boey’s an ASS for being so rude to Trang. No one deserves to yelled at like that. You would never see Mr Jay (ANTM) lose his cool and composure or rave like a mad lunatic on set no matter how bad things got during a photo session. Totally unprofessional!

    And wonder if anyone else noticed that the judges with the exception of Joey Mead King seem to lack heart and emotion when communicating with the contestants.. so RIGID and BORING like Kelly Cutrone (ANTM)! The judges are way TOO serious much like the Australian version which makes the show such a drab to watch unlike the witty banter and camaraderie on ANTM! On with the results already! It’s such a torture to watch the judging!

    Perhaps Najib Ali or Kumar should be on the judging panel to inject some life and humour to the show! Get a grip Asia’s NTM! It’s suppose to be entertaining!

    PS: Great job Norman! Enjoy your reviews on the show! 🙂

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