9 comments on “Miss Universe 2012 Rehearsals with Janine Tugonon and the girls

  1. Just wanna share what i obseved during the rehearsal…during the EG portion, why is madam Janine holding her gown differently with her arm up? Is she wearing a different gown??? OhEmGeeee i hope and wish she does….this will be awesome and major grande!!! Did you guys notice too? Go Madam Janine, MISS PHILIPPINES for the win!

    My gut feeling never stops telling and mark my word, Miss Philippines will be Miss Universe 2012…on twitter even Shana Mokler listed Madam Janine as her top choice for the crown!!! Shana Mokler is the pageant director of Miss California USA

    • Btw, the EG portion i am referring about is on a different video where they also have a top 5 mock interview

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  3. Nauntog ka ba allandale magno? Pag pumasok si JT sa top 16, kagatin mo dila at elbow mo. Hahaha!
    Go janine!

  4. Janine must perform with utmost confidence. I am thinking this is part of her mentor’s strategy again. She must show that much needed “va va voom” that makes one stand out during pageant night. That is if my guess is right – because her lack of energy and mental focus is quite glaring at this critical point of the competition.

    Thus, if she shows her fighting form on the 19th, then her handlers’ strategy worked. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Sure winners:

    MU 2012 โ€“ Miss Puerto Rico
    1st Runner Up โ€“ Miss Philippines
    2nd Runner Up โ€“ Miss South Africa
    3rd Runner Up โ€“ Miss USA
    4th Runner Up โ€“ Miss Venezuela


    6 โ€“ Miss Poland
    7 โ€“ Miss Croatia
    8 โ€“ Miss Albania
    9 โ€“ Miss Czech Republic
    10 โ€“ Miss Ecuador


    11 โ€“ Miss Curacao
    12 โ€“ Miss Russia
    13 โ€“ Miss Malaysia
    14 โ€“ Miss Guyana
    15 โ€“ Miss Netherland
    16 โ€“ Miss Thailand (2nd winner of Online Votes, 1st Winner is Philippines)

    Trust me on this. I have done this last year with Shamcey but she was my 2nd runner up that time. I’ve got 4 out of 5 from my forecasted top 5 except that I included Miss Greece instead of Brazil. With Venus, she was only on my Top 10 but she made it all the way to top 5 which luckily I got 3 correct out of 5. So let’s see with Janine. Hoping for the best. With her gown, you guys should remember that Beauty Pageant is about BEST IN GOWN and not BEST GOWN ! I believed she nailed it!

    • But gown still has big impact, if your gown is elegant and at the same you carry the gown very well its a sure win, should be two to tango..

      • that is not true…gown has little to no impact at all, and they even say that during the pageant; it’s how the contestant carries the gown and exude elegance and grace. For instance, Kurara of Japan many years back….ugly super hideous gown still landed as First-Runner Up!

        I have high hope with Madam Janine, I have a gut feeling and I am rarely wrong with it; She will be Miss Universe 2012

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