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  1. i’m no pageant expert, but i’m into communications design and training:
    1. one tip i have for our candidates is to focus on the question
    > if the question is answerable with a simple “yes” or “no”, do not give a lengthy & pointless answer – one which does not correspond to the question at all
    > never lose eye contact with the host, judges, audience and most importantly the camera 😀

    2. your body language gives you away in a split second
    > relax and and focus on “presence” as you walk to center stage
    > smile and do not fidget as you
    > listen to the question
    > then, put your thinking cap on
    ~ “what is the ‘correct’ answer?”
    ~ then, “how do i make the answer uniquely interesting and ‘mine’?”

    3. a good example is 1987’s Cecilia Bolocco

  2. oh and to answer your tirle question, norman. yes, janine has done enough already. better than what was expected of her. better than the “hyped” previous queens like nina ricci, bianca, gionna, and esp. teresa. shes more like maricar balagtas who was worthy of the hype although im sincerely hoping she doesnt suffer the same fate

  3. i really dont know if janine can make it to the semis bec. though i think she did a spectacular job in the swimsuit nd evening gown, i dont really know if the judges saw a tacky gown instead of the wearer. i really really think janine did a superb job and she stood out bec she was different and exotic. i do hope that if and when she gets in the semis, she would be the lone morena. i think miss sri lanka in the semis with janine will cause the latter trouble, as miss sri lanka is also a stunner , is fit ( minus the thunder thighs), really exotic, has a great gown and fantastic catwalk skills.

  4. Mr. Norman,

    I had just re booked my flight to manila : ) I was having second thought at first ..but I finally decided to support Philippines for Miss U since we lost with Pacman : ) Im heading to Las Vegas now from San Diego: ) I will send you images and maybe videos from the pageant …Goodluck to Janine : ) and by the way…my family will be with me to watch the Miss U live in Planet Hollywood : )

  5. Venus rah and Allan dale magno, mga impaktong baklang kabayo !!! magpakamatay kayo at pumunta sa impyerno !!! GOoooooo !!!

  6. It’s so absurd that some are actually invoking GOD for Janine to win. Don’t you think HE has something better to do than to pay attention to a beauty pageant. Get real. There’s the shooting in Connecticut, the war in Afghanistan, poverty and starvation in many parts of the world, global warming, etc etc.
    Besides, Janine’s best is NOT good enough. How anyone who has seen Ms. Malaysia,Venezuela,Thailand, Japan,USA, Croatia,Mexico, S.Africa, Kosovo, Bosnia, Puerto Rico, CAN THINK THAT JANINE HAS A CHANCE, IS DELUSIONAL.
    THAT IS ALL…..

  7. What a long fifteen months it has been, for fanatics who fretted over hearsays that this year’s pageant would not push through, and for the reigning queen, Angola’s Leila Lopes, who’s been raring to relinquish her crown to a new Miss Universe during the coronation night come Thursday, December 20, 2012, at 9:30 a.m., live via Abs-Cbn and StarWorld from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

    I have high hopes that our very own Janine Tugonon will bring pride and honor to the Philippines, following Shamcey Supsup (Miss Universe 2011 third runner-up), Venus Raj (Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up), Miriam Quiambao (Miss Universe 1999 first runner-up), not to mention Margarita Moran (Miss Universe 1973) and Gloria Diaz (Miss Universe 1969). After thirty nine years of drought, don’t you think it’s time we bagged the third Miss Universe crown for our country, by courtesy of one of this year’s front-runners, Janine Tugonon?

    While many were unhappy about her victory at the Binibining Pilipinas 2012 coronation night last April, I was convinced that the judges picked the right girl to represent our country to Miss Universe. The year prior, she went home with the first runner-up award. And as it is said, when you’re down there’s no other way but up, especially for Janine whose determination to win it is as fierce as her X-factor, according to pageant scribes.

    Janine looks half like Miriam Quiambao, now an actress, a T.V. personality, and an active Christian spokeswoman; and half like Danica Magpantay, Ford Supermodel of the World 2011 winner from the Philippines. Considering that, her winning spirit plus her signature cobra walk, it’s a no-brainer to agree that her charm is high- and world-class, and yet only people with the trained eye for beauty can cotton on to. Interestingly, only the Miss Universe pageant can do so, which goes without saying that the Diamond Nexus crown is perfectly cut out for her.

    My prediction is that if she’s not going to cinch the Miss Universe 2012 crown, she will be first runner-up—and the farthest she’s going would be in the top five. For her to make it as a semifinalist would already be an impressive feat, a feather in our country’s cap, and if she’s not called in this round . . . I hate to say this, but it would be because of her wardrobe that’s described by many missosologists as wishy-washy, unfathomably tacky, specifically the evening gown she wore during the preliminary competition.

    Despite the gown and because of her character, spirituality, intelligence and maturity, I believe that Janine Tugonon is no longer perfect Miss Universe material—she will make a perfect Miss Universe 2012, hands down.

    • Well said!!! I guarantee come coronation night she will shine like a diamond in the sky. Prayers work and are powerful…i am sure the Lord in on her side!!! Its our year mga kababayan!!! Madam Janine for the win! GO PHILIPPINES

  8. if she makes it to the semis, she owes it to her mentor’s PR efforts to be keep her bouyed on all media platforms.
    – has she done enough? … of course not
    – previously, I said that if she fails it’s her handlers’ fault
    – but now I say it’s pretty much hers as well, for she was given all the exposure, time & opportunity to grow and preform well on the world stage
    – at this point, it’s pretty obvious that many still are not convinced of her performance
    – and the pageant night is just days away
    – so it’s safe to say she won’t get that crown
    – just sayin’ 🙂

  9. Norman: Here’s a quote from one of the prelim judges Carlos Anaya:

    “”What defines beauty and what qualities does a winner need to have to fulfill the obligations of a Miss Universe?” The answer is simple. The winner must be outstanding. Her light and spirit must make an impression that lights up any room. The physical aspect is important. No doubt about it. But only one out of 89 gets it. The inner light comes to the surface and shows who has the biggest heart to serve, inspire and create a difference. It is not a matter of destiny or pure luck. Once you get a chance to spend time with each young woman, you start seeing the real character attributes that make a Miss Universe – a level of spirituality, charisma and self confidence that allows them to conquer the world. The biggest lesson I’ve learned as preliminary judge? The eyes are definitely the windows of a person’s soul.” (Source: http://latino.foxnews.com)

    So, as equally important to her prelim performance onstage, let’s hope Janine also impressed the prelim judges with the sheer force of her personality — her character, self-confidence, charisma and her inner light.

  10. Having a bad english is not an issue! Miss Angola , Miss Universe 2011 nga kahit binabasa hindi nga masabi ng maayos ang binabasa IN ENGLISH. So Janine did very well and did better than the others. AGAIN. Fluency in English doesn’t determine who the Miss Universe is!

    • Yeah right, you don’t need to have the perfect grammar, wide vocabulary nor the fluency in english to be Miss Universe. However, you need to be able to articulate what is on your mind in whatever language you (I mean the contestants) choose to use. In articulate, I mean being able to express it confidently & clearly regardless of the grammatical & pronunciation mishaps like Leila Lopes during the prelims. She commands confidence despite her shortcomings. I guess it has something to do with Janine’s voice & her “quick to react as if not thinking fast responses”. It’s like Mirriam Quiambao’s voice combined with Bianca Manalo’s chatterbox aka palengkera like talking. Again, I support Janine. Looking forward of her making it to the finals. This is just my thoughts, my partial opinion, based on her interviews.

  11. Norman — I’ve been checking the online betting websites, and most of them have tagged South Africa, Venezuela and Ecuador as the candidates with the best odds of winning the MU title. However, the good news is that Janine is included in the list of the top 15 candidates with the best odds, and is among those in fifth position (16:1 odds) to win the title. Not sure if this all matters in the end, but at least this is a positive indicator.

    • Online betting can be hit or miss, but they’re usually right on the money with at least half of the ladies in their Top 10. Let’s hope Janine turns out to be one of them.

  12. Based on the interview above. I got confused with her answer if it should be taken psychologically. She said ” Masaya ako at tapos na ang preliminaries so meron ng top 15 wala na kaming magagawa” I was thinking that she used the word that opposes on her, like she was not able to make it! so they can’t do anything! BUT! She also said ” I am very excited for the finals” which can be mean she knows she’s on the top 15 and want to bring the fire on the finals. Whatever it is.. We are still at your back janine! You already show your worth and that’s it! If something wrong happens,, pretty sure Alfredo the worst gone maker should be blame! Anyways! God Bless! and Fight with a heart! you are already a pride!

    • She meant that now that the preliminary competetion was over, there’s really nothing she can do but wait for the result. And she’s looking forward to the finals. very simple.

    • Stop reading between the lines!!! Madam Janine meant she is happy the prelims are done, she can relax for the time being and enjoy the pageant festivities then excited for the final coronation night. Girls, boys and gays…prayer chain tayo na mananalo tayo!!! She is worthy of the crown!

  13. In light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut, someone should inform Madam Janine to prepare on the topic of Anti Gun Law or something in such matter. The is no doubt this will be tackled during the Q&A; She needs to be prepared and if she has to and i believe she should get an interpreter. One, gives her a chance to think about her answer, second, make history as the first pinay to use one…third, showing her patriotism standing behind her culture and heritage, and lastly, perfect timing to introduce to the univese our beautiful Filipino language Tagalog is, which btw is long due!!!

    • Wonderwall — My sentiments exactly. Besides, those English-speaking Latinas use their Spanish interpreters during the Q&A all the time, so why can’t Miss Philippines have a Filipino interpreter as well?

  14. Kuya Norms, Im very Much Confident with janine..and for me, Her performances (ss, eg and natcos) was SUPERB… Whatever happens come finals, im very Proud of her….

    OT:..Close ba kayo ni Jonnas G???hehehe…(i hope so, since halos lahat ng talent nya eh na-feature sa blog mo)…Paki-relay naman regards sa Gown ni janine, if pwede palitan…if PWEDE lang naman….Though i love on How janine carry the Gown,..But the fabric looks cheap…
    How we can settle for a mediocre Gown, if we can give her the BEST one…

    since theres a Rumor that madam SMA was not in Las Vegas to watch the Pageant..
    Wala naman siguro xang magagawa if palitan ni jonas ung Gown.(wish ko lang)!!!

    Thanks and More Power….

  15. According to the Miss Universe Pageant News, Miss Philippines made it to the top 5 in swimsuit, but never in the top 20 in evening gown… It was already a true testament that her gown is a big treat and a real disadvantage… So please, this conversation should be sent thru her, she should aware of this and her manager so they still have time to adjust… Its a big disappointment to see that gown in the final event….

  16. Venezuela is well trained to get the crown based on this video. However, in my opinion, I think the dark horses of this competition are El Salvador and Croatia. I hope Janine reaches the top 5 because there are strong contenders this year

    • Herbert, I don’t normally don’t give predictions nor comment about the contestants’ performances but the girls that took my breath away during the Presentation Show replay which I viewed and reviewed during the wee small hours this morning were EL SALVADOR, CROATIA and FINLAND. For me, Janine did great in the prelims.

      The gown might make or break a girl’s chances but it’s still how the girl works it that matters plus the innate class, elegance and the regal mien which Janine showed off. After all, it’s Best IN Gown and not Best Gown

      She wowed me in Swimsuits too.

      Good luck Janine!

      • The SS portion is where Janine shone. The catwalk, the body, the turn. I agree with you on the Evening Gown portion where she went elegant and regal. Lets see if she makes the cut. If she does, then all the more that we have to pray for her to get into the finals (considering the panel of judges on the pageant night).

  17. someone must tell janine to brush up on gun laws or the existing debate about gun control in america as this maybe included in the final questions given by judges

    • Markish — Another potential Q&A topic would be the subject of gay marriage since it’s just been made legal in several states and potentially headed to the U.S. Supreme Court as to how it impacts federal law. Should Janine get asked about gay marriage, I hope she gives an open-minded, all-embracing answer and leave religion out of it.

  18. I know she’ll be a top 16 contender, but truthfully, I’m more worried about the panelist of judges that evening, but that’s another topic for a future blog to be dealt with. I’m very comfortable with one judge, but not with a couple of them. Regardless, I hope that the stars all align for Janine that evening.

    • Yes, Mrs. AJ, the roster of judges slated for the final competition led by Ximena Navarette, Ceelo Green, Pablo Sandoval, Nigel Barker etc. do not look too promising. I have my fingers crossed and can only hope for the best.

  19. Very well said Markish. Let us unite and hope for the best for our very own MISS u. JT. Kc isang karangalan na naman naming mga OFW na kahit di man kami pinagpala ng magandang mukha kumpara ng mga banyaga taas noo na naman ang mga pinoy ngayon. We are globally beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. pinoys stop being critical on janine for her english please!! all the while, while you guys kept bashing her candid interview, MUO was already planning to get her for the fox las vegas interview! if janine’s english and thought process on constructing stories and sentences is appalling to some of you why then would MUO entrust her a spot to promote one of their causes on tv?! just trust the girl for pete’s sake! she’s doing an excellent job representing the country!

  21. Hi Norman,

    “How does she sound when she speaks? Does she exude that inner confidence? Is she articulate? Can she think on the spot? Most importantly, within the three minute interview with the panel, does she demonstrate the new slogan Miss Universe Org. “Confidently Beautiful”?”

    These are the phrases that caught my attention when Jimmy Nguyen, one of the prelim judges, revealed what he and the other judges were looking for during the Preliminary Interviews

    Based on those guidelines, do you think Janine was able to impress the judges?

    • No, she did not meet their standards if I am to based it on the Fox News guesting she did with Miss USA or the above interview with Brent. Just my opinion though.

    • In any beauty pageant, being articulate doesn’t necessarily mean a gift of gab in English. It focuses on how the person expresses herself in any language and the way she delivers her thoughts. I can safely say that Janine is confidently beautiful, just as another candidate who chooses to answer questions in Spanish, French, Portuguese or Nihongo.

  22. I’m sorry I can’t see Janine has the quality to be in the top 16 though. She is beautiful but for me she is ordinary type. No x factor! But she did well in swimming suit.

  23. I just share and invite with you guys to watch the interview of miss philippines and miss usa in fox news. Janine and miss usa are the hand picked by muo for the kid4care. Its about the painting for auction bla bla bla. And she did the interview great. Confidently. No problem about diction and gramar. Just watch and appreciate.

    • Albert — As I mentioned in an earlier comment, MUO handpicked Janine (along with Miss USA) over the other 80+ candidates for the Fox News interview. This shows a level of trust by the MUO in Janine’s communication skills, enough so that they entrusted her to a televised interview to promote MU’s kid4care program. It also perhaps reflects Janine’s performance during the prelim interviews that elicited this unequivocal positive response from MUO. This bodes very well for Janine.

      • I have seen the Fox News guesting. I’m sorry but I’m really doubting her communication skills. Her voice does not exude confidence & she’s not articulate. She tried to butt in however it appeared as if she was not part of the conversation. When it was her turn to be asked, it should have been an opportunity for her to “wow” the viewers. It appears to me that she has a hard time expressing herself. That being said, I doubt if she did well in the one on one interview. I believed in Venus Raj then. I had high hopes for Shamcey Supsup last year. And I’m doubting Janine Tugonon now. Again, that is just my opinion as a pageant fan. I believe she’ll make it to the semis (thanks to online voting) but what she’ll make out of herself from there is all up to her. Goodluck Janine!

      • I have to agree with Glenn here. And Janine did a great job in that Fox interview. Not sure what other people here are criticizing about that interview! It was very natural, and she didn’t seem nervous at all. ( I know i would be! LOL)

  24. What I’m about to say is my opinion and my opinion only and not meant to incite a riot but some lively conversation/debate. From what I’ve seen and heard so far, Janine SHOULD make the top ten. And then there’s that gown… As I’ve said before, Janine wears that gown and complements it to the highest degree. That said, whoever chose that gown for her to wear SHOULD BE SLAPPED AND SLAPPED HARD!!! At the very least, I would threaten to withhold any future contributions to BPCharities unless something was done about getting a much better gown for her for finals. The gown reminds me of a cross between Venus’ and Bianca’s gown. Bianca’s gown was horrific and Venus’ gown barely, and I mean BARELY, allowed her, by the grace of GOD, into the top 5. If for some unGodly reason Janine does not make it into the top 5, I will soley blame that gown. It’s a gown that is pretty in its own right but a gown more suited for a upper end party/event than the MU stage. All this said, I am still 100% behind Janine and her/our quest for the Miss Universe crown this year. Janine’s beauty and grace outshines them all, BAR NONE!!! I pray, beg, and plead that it is more than enough to get her into the top 5. I’ve been lighting candles ever since I saw that gown. 🙂

    Madame Stella, please have mercy on the Filipino people and Janine and get her the gown that she so deserves. Please don’t let your Columbian pride get in the way. You are Filipina now and should give Janine every possible, and best, shot at the crown.

    Just my humble opinion…

    • Philip — Yes, I feel your pain. As you and others have commented here, I think the weakest link in Janine’s presentation so far, although she wore it elegantly and with great dignity, is the evening gown. If Janine fails to make the cut as a semifinalist, I would say that that “gown” would be the cause (since the evening gown competition in the prelims make up a good third [yikes!] of the candidate’s prelim total score). If she makes it as a semifinalist, I hope and pray that they have something better for her to wear during the final competition, because the more I look at it, the more I’m convinced that there must be something better for her to wear. The gown, frankly, doesn’t flow — there’s a visual disconnect — there is that very obvious seam that separates the upper torso and the skirt that is so disconcerting and distracting. Janine did a great job in carrying the gown, but truly, one can only carry an unattractive dress so far. After all, this is the most prestigious international pageant in the world and Janine should not have been spared any expense to obtain for her a fabulous evening gown for this competition. With 88 other delegates elbowing their way for position, every little point literally on the candidate’s score card could mean life or death in this competition! Let’s hope this gown doesn’t pull Janine’s scores down, as I get that sinking feeling that it may already have. Hopefully, her other scores (swimsuit and interview) will be enough to make up that difference to obtain for her a semifinalist slot.

      • ang gown talaga walang kadating dating sa mga pictures, parang pambata, kung hindi lang talaga magaling si Janine naku magmukha ciang sasagala sa barangay, kulang sa dating talaga mukhang mumurahin. mas maganda pa ung national costume nia mas mukhang mahal at mas mukhang elegante at mas mukhang pinaghirapan, ung gown na sinuot nia mukhang in just 30 minutes gawa na…

      • According to the Miss Universe Pageant News, Miss Philippines made it to the top 5 in swimsuit, but never in the top 20 in evening gown… It was already a true testament that her gown is a big treat and a real disadvantage… So please, this conversation should be sent thru her, she should aware of this and her manager so they still have time to adjust… Its a big disappointment to see that gown in the final event….

    • Philip and others…. nobody seems listening to our complaints anymore… SO let me get my record straight. Alfredo Barraza, is here every year, to sabotage our beauty queens…. His gown are all fiascos. Sayang lang yung perang ginagastos ni Madam Stella.

      • I’m sure there are better Barraza gowns. Shamcey’s gown was one of the best last year. So I wouldn’t really jump into that conclusion.

  25. Norman, What did you think of Janine’s TV interview (along with Miss USA) that was broadcast the other day on Fox Networks? It’s interesting to note that along with Miss USA, Janine was hand-picked by MUO out of the other 89 candidates to do the interview. This shows a level of trust for her within MUO.

    • I watched that interview at least 3x, Glenn. Janine may not have the smooth English fluency of the two Americans (Olivia and the host) sandwiching her all throughout the guesting, but her body language exuded confidence that made her responses – however generic and/or peppered with the word ‘absolutely’ – sound lively/upbeat. I think she was handpicked for the same since Las Vegas has a big Pinoy population – this being a local Fox channel.

      • Norman — I agree. In the TV interview — it wasn’t what Janine said or didn’t say — the fact that MUO had the confidence to send her to a televised interview without hesitation was in itself a victory for her. I mean, MUO could have chosen any other candidate, but they picked Janine, and that says volumes. I do admit that Janine seemed a bit shy in the three-way conversation with Miss USA and the TV host (both of whom were quite chatty), but perhaps that is her personality and perhaps she is a better fit for more focused one-on-one interviews.

  26. Bakit kukuwestyonin pa ang pagamit ng tagalog ni janine. Simpleng word lang naman yun eh. kayang kaya nya yung bigkasin ng english. She is cum laude. Vocabulary wise? better than us. But nagpakumbaba sya during interview especially na alam nya na e aire to sa social media o sa tv, para maintindihan ng buong sambayanang pilipino ang mga sinabi nya. Dahil alam nya na hindi lahat ng kabayan ay marunong mag english. Kaya lumebel sya. O di ba? ang galing nya? Pero pag sa final show, watch out.


  28. is j9 has luck of confident with her english? cause brent question is english then she answer in tagalog! exemption to mexico where spanish is their main language, impress with venezuela we knew their main language is spanish but she can communicate well in english. well good luck to j9, i hope she do well in Q&A..

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