19 comments on “Miss Universe 2012 Preliminaries: Twenty-Four Delegates Who Struck Me the Most

  1. who ever wins………let’s just support her! anyway, the reason why they’re there because they deserve it. but it’s a competition and may the best candidate win! but ofcourse…..goodluck, PHILIPPINES!!!!

  2. I just want to share with you my top 10 favorites. I just finished watching the preliminaries, and I was surprised with some of the candidates that I didn’t even notice prior to the preliminaries.

    1. Paraguay
    2. Puerto Rico
    3. Brazil
    4. Netherlands
    5. South Africa.

    The rest were all surprises: Guatemala, Czech Republic, Georgia, Jamaica and Thailand

    Janine did an excellent job, but it seems like she rushed both of her presentations; and the choice of gown might cause her a spot in the semis… (I surely hope not). Farida on the other hand chose a very classy and elegant gown, and she carried it way better. Japan also did great.

  3. Norman, what happened to Shamcey’s role as online host for miss U? I don’t see that page in the Miss U website anymore. any update?

  4. Janine’s national costume rocked – so elegant – but it lacked that pageant ‘oomph’
    – but still the best of luck!

  5. My top 5 are Bolivia, Poland, Croatia, Japan and South Africa. All ladies did well but these 5 stood out to me the most.

  6. I thought all the while that the gown JANINE gonna be wearing for the preliminary is executed by a Filipino designer. So I had the reservation (IF IT SO?), the crown is really meant for her. But her trashy outdated gown by Barraza is ruining her chances again…. An eletric pleated plain gown… mas mabuti pa yata eh clepoatra inspired na lang ang ginawa. Miss Colombia’s gown is an electrifying yellow swan… so I think Miss Colombia will adavance to top 4… for sure!

  7. Great preliminary performance, Janine, but please take note of these humble observations for a winning stance in the coronation night:

    1. AUDIENCE RAPPORT. Sustain your eye-contact. Wow them. Play with them. Look at the judges as if you are the hungriest contestant ever for the crown. Own your audience and you will definitely send a resounding message to all: I AM THE NEXT MISS UNIVERSE.

    2. BREATHE AND RELAX. Do not be too stiff and uptight. Be yourself. Enjoy the moment rather than compete liKE it’s the only thing there is. People can read body languages and you have all the qualities to blow them away with your sexiest curves and astonishing, distinctive looks.

    3. QUESTION AND ANSWER. Be brief but emphatic. Think of the universe when you share your perspectives. Be sensitive to the culture of others and not just focus on being a Filipina which will eventually alienate you from the crowd being too fixated but not open-minded. Focus on the question and keep in mind: “What will this answer benefit the Miss Universe organization and the world?”

    All my best wishes. We love you, win or lose!

    Please share if you feel like this battle of true wit and elegance belongs to THE PHILIPPINES like no other!

  8. Hi Norman, I have been yearning to ask about how Janine performed in the prelimenary interviews. Last year, you have mentioned that Shamcey ranked 9th according to your insiders, any scoops from your informants? The interviews perhaps together with her amazing performance last night will help clinch the spot to the semifinals. Still, no harm in voting.

  9. Interesting Facts : This edition will be the 4th time it is going to be held in Las Vegas. First was in 1991 when Mexican Lupita Jones was crowned. Then in 1996 when Alicia Machado of Venezuela won. It was just 2 years ago when Mexico’s Ximena Navarrete also was crowned there. I have a feeling that another Latina will be crowned. Venezuela, Mexico, or Puerto Rico maybe? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Our rep will sure make it to the semis (if her performance is not good enough for them, then there’s online voting. Lol).

  10. Great choices kuya norman..Nothing more to say.This year is probably the most dramatic.And devastating?See how China,Indonesia and Guyana make us ooh?And Denmark aww?

  11. great assessment! I can’t wait for the 19th already and see who the luckiest star. God is great our prayers are answered as far as the prelims is concerned and that Madam Janine did shine like a diamond in the sky. She was so classy, elegant, flawless and smooth…galing super calm ang lolahhh!

    Happy Weeekend mga sisterettes 🙂

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