18 comments on “The Best of Janine Tugonon (in motion) during the Miss Universe 2012 Preliminaries

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  4. thank you girl si Janine. her walk is weird…. it’s so forced and old fashioned, like watching super models from the 80s. who is the old gay who told her to walk like this?! ms. japan, malaysia and thailand will make top 10 for asia. eventual winner: south africa, venezuela or mexico.

    • Mareng Elroy, gusto mo bang ikulong ko si allandale magno sa banyo?
      Btw, I think I’m pregnant,of course si dong ang ama.
      Ang wish ko lang e maging lalake ang anak namin ni Dong, i will name him Dawn, tapos mag-aaral sya sa La Salle and eventually magiging Dean sya ng Ateneo,at tatawagin syang Dean Dawn Dantes.

  5. Oh well, time for a beauty rest. I’ll see u guys come final night.. thou i wanna read ur thoughts of who did best during the prelim night. Was in awe w. Malaysia & indonesia. In fairness!! ¡ Have a great weekend, guys!!

  6. Superb catwalk, great styling during swimsuit.
    With her gown, I’m not a fashion expert,but honestly I don’t like it.
    But who am I to comment on what’s best for her, what’s important is tht JT is doing her best and she shone with flying colors.
    Godbless JT, win or lose,we’re still kumares,friends till the end, miss ko na yung pagtitinda naten ng laing at daing,at yung paglalabada naten.
    See you soon mars, bring home the baker este the bacon.
    And lastly, break a leg,especially the legs of Bodine and Irene.

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