15 comments on “Vietnam’s Luu Thi Diem Huong: a Miss Universe 2012 dark horse?

  1. Fresh face,sexy body.
    A semifinal slot can be expected but beyond that is asking for too much.
    She’s lacking that so called wow factor.
    Yes she’s pleasant to look at to, but other than that, she’s a plain jane.

  2. Now that would be nice to have that Asian trio in the top 5. 🙂 I’m dreaming I know, however…

    • Philip — Well, who knows, perhaps it might happen. It has happened before — MU 1988, when 4 of the 5 finalists were Asian candidates (Thailand won the title that year).

      • 1988 was like an Asian dream. Would have been more dreamy had Perfida Limpin (that year’s Miss Philippines) joined the quartet (or was part of the quartet) but Oriental-looking ladies seemed to be the rage at the time. Ours was beautifully brown, instead.

  3. Among Southeast Asian candidates, Malaysia and the Philippines are the two who are most likely to enter the semi finals.

    • I wouldn’t totally exclude Thailand. It may be a “surprise”. 🙂

      • Philip — I agree. Miss Thailand completes the triad of the Southeast Asian front runners.

  4. I’m sure you put your comment here just to get a rise and your kicks. Someone who only types in ALL CAPS means they’re too lazy to type correctly and you seem to very judgemental. You’re entitled to your opinion but when they’re expressed they way you expressed them, it seems to be more of a judgemental queen than a qualified, introspective person. Sorry you feel that way about Janine but you really should try getting your need for attention in check and come back with a more logic based and supported comment about Miss Philippines. Just my humble opinion…

  5. well for you j9 is the ugliest,,, for me naman you are the ugliest people of the universe allandale magno !!

  6. Hi Norman ! Juz to confirm if it is really true that Mr Trump visited the venue of Miss Universe and he was talking to some of the girls including Miss Philippines !!! My facebook friend who happened to be working in that venue saw Mr Trump and Janine were chit chatting for afew minutes and before Mr trump left, he shook hands with Janine !! OMG !!! would it be a clear sign that we have a big chance for the crown this year? Oh pls pls pls !!!!

    • Actually, Donald talks to a lot of girls prior to the finals, so it’s kinda hard to read into this with high anticipation. At the very least, let’s just hope that he likes Janine enough to be included among his personal picks for the Top 16. That is, if what your friend witnessed was true. 😉

      • This is just Donald’s “meet-and-greet” with all the candidates. He does this every year.

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