11 comments on “On this day, 12-12-12, I present to you twenty lovelies on my “Pre”-Preliminaries Selection

  1. Norman — Excellent picks, as usual. One doesn’t realize the caliber of this year’s candidates until one has to narrow down the field. I have a feeling that a European might win this year. Either that or Australia’s going to win its third crown. However, I’m still rooting for Janine and hope that she obtains a third crown for the Philippines, or at the very least a top 5 finish.

  2. Hey guys, i visit google a couple of minutes ago, i saw a newly updated photo of JMT in swim wear, and take note, she is the photo of the day. absolutely amazing.

  3. Kuya Norms, I have a feeling that Chile and Georgia will surprise us on the finals.
    These two gorgeous women are of Holywood calibre,especially Chile,.

  4. Almost had the same picks except I included jamaica, netherlands & lebanon. I have not included japan, sweden & chile. Good picks kuya norman!

  5. Wow.. missU staples again. what ab0ut Ukraine?? g0wns + melania c0nnecti0ns, make them.

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  6. Please take a closer look to miss ARUBA … I think she will join your list … Have a great day

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