7 comments on “Elizabeta Burg: Croatia’s Queen is out to impress

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  3. Elizabeta Burg, the gal to be! Kosovo and Czech Republic follow her. What a trio!!! Other than them: USA, Venezuela and South Africa.

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  5. Norman — The Central and Eastern Europeans have really stepped up their game in the last decade or so, especially considering that many of these countries didn’t even exist as independent states until after the dissolution of the Sovien Union and the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. They are the new “Latinas”, so to speak, and it’ll be interesting to watch how this contingent will fare this year.

    • Very true!
      Europeans are now outshining the so rehearsed latinas.
      They are now fiercer yet still so classy, unlike before they are so shy and reserved.
      Europeans are the group to beat this year.

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